One, Two

in writing •  7 months ago

"One two", (she said as she sat on the edge of the bed putting her socks on getting ready for work), "buckle my shoe"(he said as he surfed the world wide web). she was surprised he knew the rhyme. "Three four shut the door", (he said), then they both tried to finish the rhyme with what they remembered. odd that that first verse flew out of her mouth from nowhere. immediately made her think of this beautiful brown haired, blue eyed angel from so long ago that visited her frequently when she was growing up. the angel seemed so real to her she thought she could actually touch and talk with the beautiful angel daily. the beautiful angel taught her nursery rhymes and had her recite them at night so she could fall asleep and protected her. the ending began so long ago she really didn't remember it, she didn't remember most of her childhood and she didn't know why, maybe it was for the best. she was a baby with a bottle and a diaper so she was told and her entire world was her beautiful angel. the beautiful angel knew who he was and told her one day "you'll know" too.................

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