Freeflow words of creation - making a mark in the sand

in #writing3 years ago


Why don't you ever check where the left overs are?

You don't like the food i make?

Aw come on love, of course I do. I've got a beak full already. You have had me walking round this beach all day and my beak is getting tired...

For the love of snod and all things shiny and hot, I wish you would drop that infernal commotion and stay still in one spot. Your wings are streched out with a tint of oil and your foot is mangled and gammy your nothing but a big moaning gull.

Easy for you to say as I stare out at your horizon.

I'm the king of the wing my dear and you are amazing!
Yes you are amazing, like a bannana pudding on a Saturday morning left over from a friday night dessert treat.

I love you so much I want to come close and rub beaks...

Oh you handsome flier. Come here and let me ride ya!!!

That folks, is how baby birds are made.



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