What will you create?

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Unsplash image by Quino Al

It used to be easy stop but it's not anymore.
The struggle at the bottom is real. It gets tougher with every passing day. For you to make it big, you have to bring up your own projects or spend hours upon hours overwhelming the bulk of the other people, freelancers scurrying for the little available projects.

That is why this time, you cannot to focus all of your efforts on working for another. You must strive to have something with which you can be proud of as your own creation.

Our minds have been given to us with an infinite number of possibilities. It's so appalling that many people never even scratch the surface. They are satisfied with the status quo, satisfied with the meagre wages which they get at the end of every month. So long as it keeps food on the table and a shelter above their heads they are good to go.

However, this is not the mind of creators. Those who would be leaders are those who think of innovation. These are those who think of what they can create and that will last long, providing value, and in return yield profit.

So what are you going to create today question mark what would it take to be your own boss?

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