Writing | The Beauty of Nature

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Bird chirping sounds so sweet
Indicates a new day
This natural beauty keeps me stunned
Like the world is just for me

I closed my eyes for a moment
I stretched my hand for a moment
Cool, calm, happy to be felt
Makes me feel like joy

O creator of nature
My admiration is hard to bear
From noon to evening
His charm never goes out

The rhythmic wind rush in the mountains
Plants that danced in the mountains
Looks so beautiful it feels
Bak beautiful garden in paradise

The natural beauty is perfect
Make everybody fascinated
Make everyone amazed
However, we must guard it

Living in this Nusantara Country seems to be a gift for us all. how not ?, Indonesia is famous for its natural wealth is also known as the Emerald Equator is a country with abundant natural resources and also awarded a landscape-a beautiful and fascinating landscape.


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