Question Everything

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Question Everything

I think it is important to question everything that we are told is the truth and that is real. Once humans believed the earth was flat. Then they said it was a sphere. What will they tell our grandchildren's grandchildren?
I believe that where we exist is a creative place, that changes with manifest destiny. Can we create the world that we all would like, if we all believed and didn't have to exist within the confines of what we are told is real?
Is the Earth alive and we exist like fleas on a dog? Could we be living on a larger animal?
These are a few of the the things I question about our 'reality'.
Who-What-Where-When and...................


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Should we question whether we should question everything?

Let us indeed question. And let us find our answer in He who is the way, the truth, and the life - Jesus the Messiah. And then let us follow Him and love our neighbors as ourselves.

While we engage in angst-ridden navel-gazing, child sacrifice is consuming 3500 lives every single day in the USA. We are commanded to stand against it.