Mornings and productivity as a writer -- Setting up and getting things done.

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Gotta admit it, waking up each day to make up a well-knit article requires a lot from a writer. As the name obviously states, you're a writer. It's what you do, and you cannot help it. Maybe you're writing for fun, but at least it's something you enjoy doing and I bet you wouldn't feel too happy about yourself if you don't get scribble down a few notes each day. It get's worse when you're writing for money, you simply cannot help it as you have to keep it rolling or lose the spotlight.

Some days are better than the others. You wake up to a spry and happy you. You grab your notepad and begin scribbling down letters without pausing. The vibe is perfect and the words seem to flow ever so naturally on this day. You feel good. "must be my lucky day, i should try the lottery," you exclaim!

Some other days can be quite a drag as well. For some reason, you wake up to that poor taste of the atmosphere around you after hitting the snooze button a couple of times. You look around and go: Nah! so you go back to seep some more. An hour later, you get up, manage to do a few pushups and sit in front of your blank computer screen for over 30 minutes. It's blank, not because you haven't written anything yet. You had them erased because they didn't come off as you!

I've been on both sides of the extremes, which is why I tend to not write every day. I write for money, but I also love what I do. So, I try to be consistent in my writing style and explore every chance i get to improve. Sometimes it takes a few days to get anything worth writing about, sometimes it takes a week. If this is you too, it doesn't mean you're terrible at writing. You just aren't productive as you'd want to be.

Recently, I've realized that one way to boost your morning creativity and productivity as a writer is a thing of habit, and depends on a few things we do before sitting down to write each day. Setting the right atmosphere for work has its effects. I'm not exaggerating. I've tried them a few times and the results were great.

Here are a few things you could try doing every day that could give you just the right boost for productivity. Worked for me, so I'm laying it bare. You're invited to try it for a few days and let's see if it works for you too. In any case, Let me know if it works and if it doesn't. Also, if you're familiar with any of the methods below and you have reasons to think it might not scale? Let me know in the comments below as well. ;-D

Eat less at night and get enough sleep.

If you're just like me; a foodie and a nightcrawler, you'd reckon that this is a lot harder than it sounds. I still eat big at night more often than not. However, comparing the productivity rate to those times that I don't, I find that eating little at night and getting enough shut-eye leaves you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. You could even wake up way early when it's quiet and serene and get to work. To me, those early hours are my peaks for productive writing. But of course, peak times work differently for everyone, but eating little and sleeping early never fails. Never!

Don't hit the snooze button.

Of course, it's normal to want some extra minutes of sleep. But if you're gonna get as productive as you want to, you'd want to ignore the all-familiar temptation that comes with going back to sleep. Learn to set your alarm clock and stick to it when it comes calling. Use an audibly mild tone, not something that sounds like you're waking up to a construction site. Take your hands off the snooze button and you'll be fine.

Workout a bit. Helps ease you up.

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Even though you aren't entirely cut out for working out, doing a few stretches, walks, jumps or taking the stairs could help pump a few adrenaline and optimize your heartbeat. Hence, getting you lively. Try this out for a start before settling to write.

Setup your favourite workspace.

You know how best you like it. Where's your favourite spot in the room? what's your favourite position? Coffee? Bacon? Music? whatever!. Grab a small bite and crank up the stereo if you like. For me, I prefer listening to some piano jazz at times or some foreign pop songs that go with a bounce. Whatever rocks your boat and sets your stage.

Don't use the internet just yet.

Okay, so now you're good to go, you hit the power button and the backlight comes on. After a few minutes, the notifications pop up, and there they are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc! Engagements! You feel you should take a quick look at the top stories on your feed before you get started.
Well, don't. I know it's hard to ignore the magnetic allure of the internet, but this is one way to decrease willpower and reduce creativity fast. The internet is designed to get your attention and keep you online for as long as possible, and if you're good at socializing, you'd agree with me that it's like a chain of activities and interesting stories. One page leads to another and before you realize it, you've spent more time retweeting than you would have put into writing. Your work at the end of the day becomes rushed or left unfinished. Do the important tasks first before you use the internet.

Work with time if you have to.

There's no overestimating the power of time. Time keeps you focused on the task at hand. Last night, I had a couple of friends race against the clock to make some articles. We started out with 30 minutes at first and had about 2 minutes of recess. Then we got right back into writing for the remainder of the time. In just about an hour, we had finished working on the complete draft. There's always this great feeling that comes with beating time. Gives the needed gratification to want to do even more work. Time is a tool, use it.

Rest assured, these habits take time to form and would require the commitment to get it working on autopilot. I haven't gotten a complete hang on them yet, and I don't expect anyone to pull off the zero to hero stunt at this in just a day. It gets harder to stick to all of this if you're a busy person, or you've got kids around, or a job. Hence, feel absolutely free to tweak these rules and see what works best and what doesn't.

Well, that's just about all of it for now. If you like this article, you can support by hitting the upvote button below. Also, don't forget to get to work soon. :-)

Get writing, get productive.

Thank you for reading

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Oh wow @pangoli, i totally agree. However the most relateable for me is not getting on the internet.
Most times it drains your creativity and yes, willpower.
I would avoid it more deliberately now.


Yeah that part is relatable to almost everyone in here. Lol. The best thing to do would be keeping your internet off when working offline. I try doing that when I really need to work.

HMmm.... The internet keeps you away from everything. If you ain't working on the internet, it is the surest way to have an unproductive day.


True. Even when you're working, it takes a lot of determination to not say hello to some friends online. Discord is one place that gets me hooked.

Wow! Lovely write up. I will start writing in the mornings to see how helpful it is. Though I have realised reading in the morning is indeed great I don't know about writing, guess I will try it to know.


Yup, i probably shouldn't have left it out. Yeah, reading works for me at times too. But i don't do it most times because i just have to write first. Reading a book in the morning is one good way to start your day.

I know it's hard to ignore the magnetic allure of the internet, but this is one way to decrease willpower and reduce creativity fast.
This is very true about productivity. Sometimes I find myself entangled with social media and before you know it, 3hours of the day is already gone!
Beautiful writeup:D
Kepp sharing quality content @pangoli


Thanks a lot bro. Appreciate your comment here. Yeah, the internet has its way of carrying us away from doing the things that matters most. 3 hours is little. I've used up a whole day on the internet. Did absolutely nothing worthwhile. In the evening, I realized I still had so much to do. Got me wondering how I spent my day.

Nice one dear but this ain't for people like me, I wake up everymorning sitting idle for minutes to an hour wondering if I should get up or go back to sleep and fake my own death.😀😀😀


Lol. some days are like that. You should give this a try, one day at a time.