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Things was not so good Last year when I first joined Steemit cos I don't write cos I don't always know what to write, the first post I first did was introductory post which I didn't get any upvote from but only @introbot so I started making comments and see what people writes and how they write it

Now I wonder how the inspiration come and where it comes from at times what I need is topics. At times I write before I give topics

Writers are people like us, You don't need to stress yourself or copy before someone post before you write, just write something, anything and gradually inspiration would come and you won't know when you would make a story

Write something about something, write something about things write something about you, write something about them, write something about her, write something about him, write something about it

Just start it, Just start writing, just write!

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It is true you now blog regularly! Keep up the good work!


Thank you sir!


You're welcome!