This morning I attached a letter to a neighbour's cat's collar! The crazy things we sometimes do!!!

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Most reader's of my blog will know by now we have four pet cats, and sadly no dog since our last dog was tragically run over in the driveway a few months ago. This has led to many problems with neighbourhood cats coming into our home, bullying our soft natured cats, and stealing their food.

The food theft I can handle, but these cats seem to actively taunt and even attack my cats. We have removed 3 cats over the years, who proved to be real terrors, by trapping them and driving them to another town!!! These cats were very wild, and one person who caught one of them got a very deep and nasty scratch which became infected. Usually we have to bundle them up in blankets.

Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed a new cat hanging around inside and outside our home. The other day he was chilling on the couch! While my cats are not exactly over the moon about this, they are not as upset as they usually are. BUT there is one major problem. The cat is a male and is spraying urine inside my house to mark his territory. This is one of the worst smells ever.

Last night we decided we had had enough, and easily managed to trap the cat in the kitchen. This morning I went to catch him, and managed to pick him up without a fuss, he even purred! As my husband brought the crate into which we would put the cat in for removal, I told him I couldn't do it. This cat wasn't anything like the wild terrorists we have previously trapped. We decided to write a note and attach it to his collar, asking the owner's to please neuter him as he was spraying inside our house!!! (Afterwards I thought they might not understand the word neuter, so I added sterilise!)

(These pictures are of Andy & Smokey in my bed this morning. The photos are so close-up as they were right up literally in my face. All four of my cats have been sterilised.)

I don't know if this will help at all, I really hope it does. It is so vital for people to sterilise their animals as it makes those animals lives much safer, as they are not so tempted to roam. I'm going to google a few methods to deter cats from spraying in my home, and if anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. I would have liked to see the owner's faces when their cat came home with a note attached to his collar though!!!


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How are they getting in? Do you have a cat flap? Too bad you can't install some sort of paw-print ID verification system...

My mother has a dog-door for her small dogs and the neighbor's dog used to come over and pee in the house. My mother attached a note to his collar, and the next time he wandered over he was wearing a diaper!


OMG that is hysterical!!! We have many open windows, and are lazy to shut them in summer especially. I like the ID verification idea.....hmmmmm!

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What a story! Stray cats can be very dangerous, they can cause serious infections. Have you found the owner of that male cat at last?


No, he belongs to someone else, and with four cats already I can't have any more!!!

Good job! You did very well!!
It’s time to get two puppies! One for the front of the house, the other to guard the back of the house!



The problem is my house isn't fenced. I'm going to need a dog I can train. I am waiting for my best friend's dog to have puppies and then I am going to take the puppy to work with me so I can train it well.


Looking forwards to seeing the photos of your new puppy!


When and if I get it. My friend has only just got a male dog to partner with her female.

I hope its a positive outcome for you 💯🐒


Thank you!


Your very welcome 💯🐒