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A mistake. A consequence of a careless, but the sweetest of rituals.
Never bitter in the beginning, shiny and tempting - a devil within.
Screams and tears of joy at sight, screams and tears of plight, the residual.
Waste and wither the days away,
shed a skin but never a sin...

Push, pull, heal and progress, fights tow regrets.
Hatred? Disperse.
Inhale when tears, exhale when fierce, amped-up roars through broken moans
Call upon a cell, rejuvenate tissue, bleed ink through pen on paper - this verse
Mask out the despair, but it's exactly what's meant to be shown.

Helplessness, an unannounced guest, overloads mind, shoulder, and chests.
Squeeze off sweat, pour out blood, spray toxic tears in a puddle of mud.
The end is nigh, the battle running high, it's a test after test...after test.
A never-ending strife, is it poison or life?
What matters is, it stems from a gene pool of grudge.


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Very Good


Thanks, I appreciate it.