I'm not very good at this...

in #writing2 years ago

It's a shame that I can't seem to keep up the pace when it comes to my presence here on Steemit. Life most certainly does get in the way alot of the time. But I have to say times are changing and so is my focus. I finally pulled the plug on trying to learn programming for Android development and am returning to writing for the big screen after many a years absence from doing so. This time around though I am more about the reading than anything else. For the most important thing is that I truly learn my craft. So I have been buying books to help me gain a better understanding of my responsibilities as a screenwriter as well as blitzing through as many scripts of commercial success as I possibly can.

I'm hoping all this reading and perhaps even time I can spend writing about my journey will aid me to reach my next destination: my first draft.

But who knows, maybe I'll just bury my nose in books and forget to put the black on to the white and never reach printing. We shall just have to wait and see.