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Faith we all have so much
Faith runs the world
Faith matters
Faith we have
For we believe in faith .

The poor peasant
Though hungry and famished
Brings his stock of paddy
Tills the soil hard
Bleeds and sheds sweat
Sows seeds in the furrowed land
It is faith he invests in
He trusts on faith
On his honest labour
Believes it will return him
In multiples and
Bring good harvest.

We put our signature
Before we receive cash
At the Bank counter
It is faith that compels us
Without words we do it.

A child smiles heartily
When its father throws it
In to the air for fun
It is faith again it is directed by
It never thinks otherwise
But giggles
Its papa will never
Let it fall on the ground .

We run to a doctor
For we have faith
On his diagnosis and treatment
Spend money and energy
On ceremonies and rituals
For faith compels
And propels us forward.

A husband and a wife
Sleep together
Faith binds them strong
Besides love
They trust each other.

When someone in the family
Is in critical juncture
And all attempts to cure falls flat
Faith forces us
We rush to temples mosques or churches
We pray with holy chants
Light candles before
Is it not just our faith
We have on HIM/HER ?

Faith is a must
Faith is the mantra
We work hard and sincerely
What we do and undertake
With sincere efforts
For we have faith
It will yield us success
If not today, tomorrow .

Faith we have
We live by faith.

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This is beautiful...! Really good words mate.

Thank you, you've lifted my spirits some.

Faith, indeed, in Him we call




And for me at least in an ultimate sacrifice: HIM, in a fleshly vessel, come to the World some 2 millenia ago, scorned and flailed... then risen!

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