She is the Queen of Beauty

in #writing6 years ago

Whenever she walked pass me
My heart beat raced after her
Her sizzling beauty attract me
Her melodious voice amused me
She is the queen of beauty

Whenever she held my sweaty hands
My brain send lovely signal all through
Her cologne made my breathe fun
Her regality made me knee for her
She is the queen of beauty

Whenever we sat together face to face
My mind loose focus on what to think
Her scintillating ear rings beckoned me
Her nose ring made her adorable, God.
She is the queen of beauty

Whenever she whispered my name to me
Her innocent smile made my sorrow leave
Her cute dimples stuck her on my mind
Her sparkling teeth breath out goodness
She is the queen of beauty

Whenever she relaxed on my shoulder
Her hair tingles out the stress off me
Her soft hand massages my chest
Mariam was made for me alone and
She is the queen of beauty


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