Thank you! ^^ oh I absolutely love attack on titan, tokyo ghoul, ranma 1/2, gintama...a lot to mention haha :P what about you? ^^

Intresting, same they like my fav shows, cheers u have good taste I'll have to check out ranma 1/2, haven't seen much of gintama & I also like death note, The ancient Magus' bride, code geas, Full metal alchemist: B , bleach 😀

Haha thank you, I generally like a mixture but I love the more dark and psychological anime :P oh ranma is awesome! Its quite old but one of my favorites since I was younger, there is quite some nudity in it which I found weird when I was a kid haha. Oh yes death note is awesome! I did a cosplay of Misa and Light before as they are so easy to do. Havent heard of the magus bride but the rest I know ! Only recently finished Bleach would you believe? skipped all filler seasons though because there are so many ! Fairy tail does the same :P

Np, you are a candle in the darkness .

Same here could not agree more shows with depth/ adult... Are better.
Oow sounds like it could be a classic, I trust your ... Ill defo watch it.
Magus bride is good involves majic, it is not the most fast passed show though but it has not finished yet though.
You are only a tad! Late on bleach there ah ;) ,
Filler seasons?? I remember quite a few filler episodes which where annoying, yeah like naruto and fairy tail ah smh

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