Some People Are Actual Oxymorons... "Real Phony"

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It's as if I can practically see the needles jumping on a lie detector when it comes to some people. Little do they know that their subconscious causes their moves to tell on themselves, I feel that "most people aren't liars, they ARE the lies."

Their intelligence quotients (IQ), their ability to be open minded, empathy and their love & hate factor are all twisted and short circuited. You can tell this by what, when and how frequent they do whatever it may be. In this case it's "likes" and/or comments on social media as well as who and what they favor regardless to how low content may be.

Sometimes it's the subject matter most of the time it's just personal preference or what that person may relate to but here's the kicker, I've witnessed where a person may be included in the event, picture or subject of a post and they would still choose to ignore it, not like and/or comment on it. Now how weird is that?

This can tell you a bit about a person. I see it as a form of hypocrisy. I understand that at the end of the day, no one cares how anyone else feels about how they use their accounts because it's personal, it's their  right to like, comment or share any content as they please regardless if they're included or not, I get it. I've witnessed this among so-called friends, not limited to "Facebook friends". I'm calling shenanigans! I think it's nothing but secret hate.

To what I've observed this is what I've concluded. 

1. People are bunched in groups of mutual friends that are then paired up or broken down into little sub-cliques that don't particularly care for each other thus creating a sublime segregation.

2. Not approving of one's appearance therefore taking pictures with the preferred individuals and exclude themselves voluntarily of any involvements they can help especially by not partaking in their social media activity.

3. The witnessing of a person's improvements whether it be weight loss, a complimentary cosmetic surgery, a promotion, the upgrading of personal possession, vacations, or partying with other people. The combinations can be endless. Whatever it is it's derived from unwarranted jealousy, envy and unnecessary hate. There should be no room for it for anyone especially for someone you're supposed to be friends with or at least "cool" with.

Let's think about this from a whole other point of view. Everything that I've said above are the blueprints for Marketers, advertisers, Homeland security, the hip hop police, FBI, the media, the Census Bureau or whatever other contracted monitoring agencies that the US has on payroll use behavioral patterns, habit assessment techniques from software, apps, surveys and of course, the great social media all to evaluate and create classifications and categories of genres and demographics.

Regardless to what a person says or try to do their actions especially their patterns will tell their truths. 

What makes people think that their behavior goes unnoticed? I've spoken to people that has friends that behave this way and they say it's quite apparent but they choose to ignore it and pretend it's not happening. Then see them in real life and go on as if nothing happened. It's shameful to do but shamelessly done.

I'm glad I'm not trapped in the Matrix. I look at social media from the outside in like an aquarium. I'm human. I've experienced inconsistencies, ironies and cyber indiscretions. If you can help it the best thing you can do is to treat it like any other entertainment. Just like movies and television, you'd be stupid to let it meld into your reality and affect your life.

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