How she unlocked your phone not once but twice!

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A friend of mine was completely baffled after his wife unlocked his phone when he never gave her the code in the first place.

He changed it and to his disbelief she eventually cracked it again! This left him even more confused not to mention insecure. I explained a few points to give him some perspective and clarity.

It's nothing mystical, it's not sorcery, she's not psychic, an elite computer hacker or can go into The Matrix. He simply handed it over to her unknowingly.

Most women will survey, monitor and mentally document their man's habits, mannerisms and patterns. They will try to passively, sometimes aggressively control every aspect of their man's life.

If you're not in one of those type of relationship where your phones are freely open to each other, it's bound to cause curiosity that can lead to anxiety that feeds uncertainty and breeds insecurity. 

In other words, they feel the need to be in on everything in order to be in control and content. They're usually not happy with having little to no access to their mates phones or any other social communicating devices in question.

Think about it, what if you're sleepy or tired from a long, stressful day. Or maybe you were under the influence of some quality party favors and/or liquor. That's an open possibility where you could've dropped your guard and unlock your phone on the spot out in the open. The combination of scenarios and possibilities are numerous.

Should you have to unlock your phone openly, you better change it immediately and email the code to yourself to keep from forgetting it because that can happen when you have to abruptly change your code. I personally prefer elaborate line-less swipe patterns. Once you master the strokes and can swipe it swiftly, it makes that much more difficult to mimic.

Until she gets that code or get caught trying she will not rest. I'm also a firm believer that she may even have had it way before she ever lead on to you. So random changes are  recommended. Keeping the same indefinitely does nothing but increase your chances of being breached.

They will try to study your behavior and patterns to take advantage of any open opportunity your guard is down. It only takes a glance and a couple of seconds to  memorize your code or swipe. It doesn't matter how fast you try to swipe or punch it or the blind sided angle you thought you were in, you're always liable to be  breached.

Unless you share an account, I doubt it's possible for someone other than yourself to gain access to your phone information on a service provider's level. Although I have heard of a couple urban myths with women having friends working at cell phone companies giving their partners. Although very possible, I've never personally experienced nor witnessed that, so I can't say.

I do remember prior to having cellphones, a woman I was dating did crack my answering machine and called back the women (whom were just friends) to confront them. She claimed she was able to do it by memorizing the tones of the key whenever she heard me do it.

This confirms my point on how crafty some of these women can get when it comes to getting in your business and the only ways to counter this is to always stay alert and conscious! Whether by being diligent in your stealth or installing additional security That's what I do because hey, you just never know.

Use a combination of your phone's features along with a security app for back up. If you feel that's still not enough, you can install a motion sensing alarm app that goes off in case your phone is moved.

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Recently bitcoin thieves were calling the phone company and having the phone number transferred to a new phone so they could get the 2nd half of the two party authentication.


I was able to get into my baby mothers phone when she slipped by coming over to my house & leaving it in my presence. I didn't have intentions on doing so, I just felt the opportunity was there since she was making me highly upset for constantly being on the phone(facebook). I purchased these phones for us but then quit my job to trade full time and while I was working out my business ,bills weren't getting paid and she wouldn't let me sell it and so I was upset. I just wanted to see if I could get into it. I quickly thought about my son and I felt she had her pass associated with him as it's the love of her(our) life and what do you know! The pass worked. I'm not the type of person who goes through other ppl's belongings and so immediately got off. Then when she got out the restroom I showed and told her how I was able to get in and that I did not go through anything. Boy was she mad lol
I was shocked it worked and how easy her pass was ;) Now what women! don't play with us men, we smart too!


I have a feeling that my wife's password has something to do with her twenty something year old son too. I've been over the whole phone thing for awhile. If it needs security against me, I'm sure it's guarding something very confidential. I personally have opened Pandora's box and it's never been the same since.


Now what women! don't play with us men, we smart too!

No, we aren't. We are dumb. You told her, that wasn't smart. She would have never told you.

Sorry, that is the wrong tact for me to take, lets try this better.
Men and woman have different smarts. Men its things, and women its people.

The way your baby-mama acted towards you was calculated. The amount of bitchiness was computed by a whole slew of emotional inputs. And if she broke into your phone, she would never have told you. She may not even confess when you catch her with your phone.

The whole thing about not prying into other peoples shit, that is a man thing. That is honor between men. That has no value in the women's world. Women will assume you have gone through their phone. And, so, remember that, when a woman is telling you a story, she has made it up assuming you have gone through her phone. She will get away with what she can get away with.

Having been a computer tech, most people's passwords are stupidly easy to figure out.


Relax!!!! lol I was just messing around about the smart aspect. But what can I say, I'm an honest guy and reason I told her was to alert her how easy it was for someone to figure out passes especially if close to you. So I told her to use the touch id(iphone) feature. I wasn't going to tell but felt bad ha!
And yes women are some sneaky creatures!


Salute @tradz You are a true hero. I wouldn't have said a damn thing.
I'm a firm believer of "learn thine enemy".