Shooting for the moon 🌓 by Warriorcryptopoet

in #writing8 months ago


How do we truly measure “success”? It is commonly understood and accepted that “every dog has its day”, however, a mere day is nothing in relative terms with the average lifespan...

To pull off a one-time wonder success requires an obscure combination of luck and inspiration which differs wildly from the long term hard work and dedication required to achieve legendary status and/or a gradual incremental ascension to personal satisfaction and peer respect.

One could easily compare the two concepts to gambling for instant gain/gratification and sensible long term investment strategy. Does social media and cryptocurrency fit into both categories depending largely upon the ethics and sincerity of the participants to make the difference?

Those who turn their backs upon the “rat race” of modern capitalist urban life in order to seek a return to nature lifestyle arguably already have the means to afford the luxury of that decision. The many who struggle for daily subsistence will not contemplate such “1st world” problems through anything near the same analytical lens of perception...


Of course, the key issue with cash 💰 is that it is not transferable into the bank of the afterlife as our energy is transformed into whatever should happen ‘next’.

At the risk of coming across as a thoroughly boring chap to my fellow Steemians, I would end up advocating for the longer term - if only because building a legacy is something that will endure the test of time even when we have shuffled off this mortal coil.

That being said, there’s nothing like a good old bit of right here and right now hedonistic fun. After all, why make the effort in the first place if you don’t actually take the chance to enjoy life when and where you can? 😉