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@willymac what a beautiful story he has written, the car volvo yes that is a great jewel the magnificent color that you selected the family always has a good choice and the ones that did it perfectly the valve of 1972 if it is a relic nowadays that's a diamond @neymarth10


Yes, it is a white diamond and has become part of my family for 45 years.

Thank you for reading about and for letting me know. I am happy to share the story with you.

@willymac is very beautiful and has many experiences with young people that I like to hear the stories of the elderly gentlemen who have lived a great age this time I had to read that was yours willymac. It leaves me some teaching because I like to learn from the elderly gentlemen @neymarth10

I am pleased that it was of some value to you, @neymarth10. I have many stories of my past posted on Steemit.