Neoxian's Prodigious and Desolate Post-Apocalyptic Writing contest results

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Hey all, sorry for the delay, it seems like both on Monday and Tuesday I got slammed with new loans, but today seems quieter, so I can announce the results of my writing contest:

Runners up

This story by @dbzfan4awhile was pretty good. It described a couple trying to survive in a world taken over by aliens.

A tale written by @negativer about a dystopian future of the blockchain. I don't think it will turn out this way (or I certainly hope not), but it was an interesting read.

And the winner...Boom boom boom drums...

"The Saddest Tale Ever Told" was written by @blockurator or real name Allen Taylor (I do believe it's him and not plagiarized.)

(the picture from his story.)

This zany story about a three-headed mutant named Ol' Randall Jaworski was the clear winner. Such a goofy, quirky off-the-wall tale was just fun. Most post-apocalyptic stories tend to be so serious and depressing (to be fair, that's understandable).

An example of the amusing prose:

He came be-bopping home from a church picnic on a late Sunday afternoon, club foot dragging, knees clanking like a brass door knocker, and heads bipping and tripping with his crazy ocular flutter. There I was standing on the corner, minding my own. And smoking my corncob hookah.

Bam! One of those hairy conical heads slammed right into my ordinary noggin.

Congrats @blockurator you have won my prizes: 10 SBD, 100% vote, a resteem. Also I'll give 50% votes to the runners up.

Thanks again to all who participated! See you again at the next contest, coming here soon.

(pic from Wasteland 2)

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Awesome. Thanks for the opportunity. It was fun writing that piece. Thanks for doing these contests. Congrats to the runners up.


nice work I enjoyed writing my story and had hoped that it was good enough for at least an honorable mention but when I saw you enter I figured you might take pole position.


Ha! I'm always worried.

congratulations to the winner, the first really deserves it....

congratulations to the winners! am happy for them. continue your good work boss @neoxian. you are a source of blessing to many!

Congratulation to all of the winners. It's never too late to give the prize and worth mentioning it.

After reading the winning entry, I couldn't help but conclude that it was well deserved.

Congrats to @blockurator
Really nice one.....



Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the winners ... I'm going to Read this winning story are many heads to stop reading it.

I will be taking part of the next !!

Congratulations to the winners right now I will read their stories


To the winners right now I
Will read their stories

                 - yesslife

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey @neoxian. I like what you're doing here with these contests and I might even enter someday.

I'm going to suggest maybe announcing the winners before 7 days. Maybe five days? That way we'd have two days left to be able to vote on the earliest entries and help support their work before it's too late. Announcing the winners early means more folks can add to the prize with their votes if they choose to do so. I didn't see these entries until now.

Just something to think about.


Well yea, in this case it was 9 days, because I was two days late, but in any case, I still like the 7 days. If you want to help the winner you can always follow them and vote on their latest posts.


5 days means you can still be two days late. Just sayin! LOL!

I didn't realize you fell that far behind this time around. That's life though, right? Have a good one!


I think we do have same thoughts on this....

I just read the post of the said winner and I was wowed I'd have given an 100% upvote but it's already 7 days old.

I really loved the entry and I would have shown my support by rendering my vote.

This is a very good idea...


Great job helping and rewarding writers, Neoxian you're great.

Congratz to winner😥

good morning my friend, how are you, semiga you are always successful friends, I am newcomer @neoxian

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Saludos desde Venezuela @neoxian y felucitaciones para el ganador del concurso

Congratulations to the winner and the finalists a great prize

I hope at some point to write something I must have some time

Thanks Gentleman @neoxian!!
You win my heart...
God bless you and your family...

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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