Neoxian's Prodigious and Desolate Post-Apocalyptic Writing contest!

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Welcome all Steemians, it's time to explore another genre I enjoy. Limber up your mind and get your keyboards ready for another writing tournament:

Neoxian's Prodigious and Desolate Post-Apocalyptic Writing contest!

What's Post-Apocalyptic? It is a story set in a world that has been ravaged by some sort of disaster that wipes out most (but not all) of civilization. Only a small few of the most lucky, strongest and/or most prepared survive, and they must eke out some sort of existance in the ruins of the former world.

The calamity might have been a nuclear war, or perhaps disease, or a meteorite, other natural distaster, or perhaps a particularly nasty economic collapse. Post-apocalyptic worlds are often plagued with mutant creatures, zombies, radio-active waste, giant insects, or hordes of degenerate gangs.

It might even be a fantasy setting that is experiencing a post-apocalyptic scenario. (Maybe a great magical battle laid waste to everything.)

Edit: Oops, forgot to give examples: Mad Max, Fallout, Wasteland (video game), Stephen King's "The Stand", 28 Days Later..just to name a few.


For this contest you must write a short story, maybe a few pages are perhaps more with a Post-Apocalyptic theme. Write your story in a post and link to it below in a comment. The deadline for this contest is when this post pays out (seven days).

I will select one winner, whichever story I like the best. The winner receives: 100% vote, resteem, 10 SBD. I will also pick a few honorable mentions and give them 50% votes.

Best of luck and happy writing!


Thank you for the opportunity. It's been a while since I've had reason to post a story. Hope you enjoy it! Here it is:
A world worth saving.

Probably not what you expected, but it's post-apocalyptic with a twist of lemon.

Wow! This is an amazing challenge. Because of @neoxian, and this challenge I was able to write something for you all. I hope you'll love my short story.

Here is [my entry by the way.](

I wanted to be a bit different but hope that you will enjoy it.

Entry for Neoxian's Prodigious and Desolate Post-Apocalyptic Writing contest! | The Lost

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I will endeavor to join all contests left there or at least make a small upvote and add on the compilation post.

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love Neoxian.
highly appreciated for this bank

my story link...
I would request to visit my blog dear @neoxian

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