Neoxian's Daring and Intrepid Steampunk writing contest results!

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Hello my Steemians, sorry for the delay, but I finally have the results of my Steampunk writing contest for you.

Runners up

  • "The Parking Meter at the End of the Universe" by @geke.

This one is actually poetry! But it tells a story, and I admire the skill with which it was rendered.

The rusted rocket launched in sparks that trailed like fairy dust
and grazed the ship so fast there was no time to readjust.
Their shielding down, she launched the lethal second of the two;
its better-aimed trajectory would finalize the coup.

Very exciting for a poem, well done @geke.

This is a tale of an un-named protagonist and her sidekick Cassie mounting a rescue mission for one damsal Angelina.

This has a rough and gritty style that I enjoyed. Hopefully part 2 will shed some more light on the story.

Example of the rough and gritty:

I enter the compound, and immediately see guards running at us. Bam. Dead. And Cassie takes out the other one, probably dripping like a damned whore from her bloodlust issue, at least judging from her sick smile.

Bravo @heretickitten!

You two will receive a 50% vote on a recent post, congrats!

And now the Winner! Boomboom boom drums..

"Lightning Gold" by @dirge.

Holy shit, this was a good story, a steam punk Western and a gripping and tragic tale of Betty Hursh, a young girl recently made an orphan by the dread Morris Templeton. Like any good western, there is a shootout and this yarn delivers.

A small sample of fine prose:

Betty remained in the rafters, smelling smoke. The ten year old girl died that day, burned up in the ranch house. The one that lived, hands covered in ash from digging through the remains of the house, covered in sores and blisters from digging holes for her dumb momma and papa, lines running down her cheeks where her tears ran against the soot and dirt. That girl was quite an odd sight for Flint.

Congrats @dirge ! For creating that great work, you have won my prizes: 10 SBD, 100% vote and resteem.

And that's how it all is, I would like to thank everyone for entering my contest and helping keep Steem fun.

See you at the next one!

(Madame Absinthe by Jody Lee)

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Thank you - I'm honored! And now I'm off to read the other two, which I haven't seen!


That was a fun poetice read. Very nice and well done.

I'm blown away at winning. Thanks for the hosting the contest and congrats to the runners up. Cheers!


Nice job, Dirge!! Epic story there. I hope you like mine too.


Nice job @heretickitten, robotic suicide, a very interesting almost end, that can be continued if chosen to do so.

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Great Effort and Support for the promotion of steemians for initiated Steampunk writing contest. My Appreciations for @neoxian who really do a great job here. I also Congratulate to winners of this contest.

Congratulations @dirge, I'll be heading over to give a read, well give a read to all the entries.

Thanks @neoxian, it was a fun contest, and a great reason to continue practicing my writing. one day I will learn a little bit more and who knows where it will lead, thanks again for the opportunity.

Congratulations to all the winners. It sure felt good to write again

Wow! These are high quality work. I hope I could get to that level one day.
Great contest bring out talented people to shine!

Congratulations to the winners!!

Wow, congrats to winners and thanks to @neoxian for this wonderful contest. Keep the good work, #steem to the moon

Congratulations to all winners

Mr. Neoxian you do an incredible job, Motivating us and keeping the community active.
That prize is magnificent, in my country it is very big. I will encourage you for the next one!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Great theme and great entries ^_^.

Thanks Neoxian, it is the competitions that keep the community a little more cheerful because with these downs of the market the community is cold.

congratulations to the winners especially @dirge, Great @neoxian contest great help to the community.

Wow what a great prize, ¡Congratulations to the winners!

Grats to the winners and good job to all participants!

Congrats to winners!
Thanks, @neoxian for creating this contest it was fun!

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Shika my friend competition
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I hope to participate with all certainty

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.