The other face... A outra face...

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Our mystery ...Nosso mistério...


The human being is complex to understand because it is composed of mysteries, hidden or revealed faces that always surprise, but sooner or later reveal the true face of each one, our human essence ...

Some have a dark side guarded by the keys but at some point when exposed it is a surprise to the eyes of others who never imagined that such a person was capable of practicing what was imputed to him an extreme evil that had nothing to do with his fragile appearance It's sweet to be

On the other hand delicate gestures practiced by someone who was deemed incapable of such nobility of spirit, by the apparent rudeness of his way of being. Awakening the collective admiration of the people who came to see the person behind the appearance ...

How to explain such facts? The answer we will never find because it goes beyond our understanding, because deciphering the human soul will always be an unknown ...



My dissertation.





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