How to deal with the unjust father

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Fathers disobeyed the children
This phenomenon is one of the phenomena that many children complain about nowadays. Rather, their harm extends to affect all aspects of the child's life. The parents' disobedience to their children is manifested in depriving them of one of their rights or depriving them of doing things that are beloved to them and which are their right and do not anger God , And in some cases, some parents impose a certain punishment on their children without a reason worthy of it, and all this is contrary to Islamic law, Islam has imposed on both parents and children duties and rights towards the other party and should be done, and we will discuss in this article the issue of how to deal with The unjust father.

How to deal with the unjust father
This type of parent is treated as follows:
Patience to that bad and unjust, the original is to make known to the father even if he is unjust to his children.
The charity to the father, and away from the response to abuse by other abuse.
Trying to stay away from everything that angers the father or causes him discomfort, be it from acts or words.
Care to guide the father and call him guidance and success in his life.
Conduct all behaviors and behaviors that the father loves and prefers.

Try to show love to the father in different ways.
Teaching the father the religious teachings in this regard and providing advice and preaching to him provided that it is done using the appropriate method, usually by giving him a book about it, or hearing a tape or television program talking about it.
The rights of children to parents
The parents in Islam have a number of rights towards their children which come as follows:
The father improves the choice of a good mother for his children, and the good mother is the one who is low and has a high level of creation, and the mother is the one who raises her children. If the mother is good, it leaves behind a family and children who are good and they are good for the family and society.
The father should choose a suitable name for his son, so that this name is expressive and beautiful and does not cause him embarrassment or harassment when he grows up.
That the father and mother raise their children to the religion and the good virtues that Islam calls for.
Parents should be careful and attentive to the behavior of their children, and try to spare them vices and bad morals.
Parents should spend their children with the basic necessities of life, housing, food, drink and so on.
To stay away from discrimination between children, while ensuring that justice among them is in terms of compassion, compassion and love.
Parents are keen to discipline their children if they make a mistake worthy of it, without violence or brutality in it.


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unfortunately many of us have to put up with such a father, today my only advice is "patience"