Ahhh..hugs are the best rewards that can be received. Thank you, Nay!

I am pleased that you liked the story. Writing it was almost like being there again and it helped me discover a few things I had not thought of in decades. I did not include it, but when Jules put her arm around my waist, she said, " You did a good thing, my dear."

How perfect is that for an approval?

I love your art! You are very skilled and your work is wonderful! I especially like the Venitian Mask and the Portrait of a little puppy. To be able to draw like that is magic to me.

It is very nice to meet you!


As they say: "Remember is living" ;)
The Venetian mask has been one of the most complicated works I've done. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it very much. Greetings from Venezuela