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RE: Rescue Yourself From Worry

in #writing4 years ago

As l logged into my steemit account this morning ,my eyes got glued on this article entitled "Rescue Yourself From Worry" so l clicked on it and read through it and l want to assure you that have been amused by the facts that your have written down.Before l briefly discuss with you about the same topic,allow me say this "@doitvoluntarily ,thank you very much for taking your time to come up with this significant article that l believe is change many lives out there "

Am guy who was once captured by thoughts and worries ,l could worry about my relationship,my finical status,academics and many others which would end up leading to relationship destruction,sleepless nights,loss of weight due to lack of appetite and many others .As a way of finding a solution to this nightmare that was eating me up,l talked to a friend who gave me these 3 solutions; 1.Don't think about problems which is exactly similar to what you have said.2. Interact with friends face to face discuss with them about different subjects and the last one was Take part in sports so as to free up your mind and keep your body fit

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