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A lot has been said about Allah being the Arabic word for God but clearity has not been placed on the questions; is Allah the same God that inspired the writing of the Bible and the Quaran, is Allah the same God that sent Jesus to come and die for our sins,is Allah part of the Trinity as believed by christain, is Jesus the son of Allah, will christains and Muslims face the same judgement,is paradise and heaven the same place as believed by christains and Muslims etc
A lot of scholars in theology argue that Allah is the same God of christains and Muslims which makes me to wonder and ask questions like;

  1. Why does Muslims keep saying Jesus is not the son of God but a prophet if the inspiration behind the Bible and Quaran is the same?

  2. Why does Muslims not believe in the Trinity as Jesus being the son of God but that Jesus is a prophet

  3. Why does christains not believe in the concept of 72 virgins waiting for them when they die if the same God inspired the two writings

4 Why does Muslims not believe in the Virgin story of Mary that lead to the birth of Jesus

5.Why is there struggle for supremacy or who is right between the two religion if it were to be the same God?
So many questions will continue to rise if we go deeper into the issues. Questions like the continues war between christains and Muslims, if the same God inspired the writing of Quaran and the Bible. Why does christains believe in one man one wife and Muslims believe in more than one wife, the spiritual teaching of both doctrines differs on some issues. One God can't inspire two different stories about himself that can be causing conflict among christains and Muslims. The fact is, two different God inspired the writing of the Bible and the Quaran.

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