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RE: For The Different Monster - Chapter Twelve

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I would say that our minds definitely work alike. This is actually based on my life but with a fiction jacket. I would definitely encourage you to start your story. With our minds being so similar it makes me curious as to what else we may have in common.

I've had this story and various versions of it in my head since I was a teenager, never wrote it down though and it is constantly changing and evolving as I write. This one got changed a few times before I posted. I tend to add too much sometimes and when I read it, it's like I'm rambling... the most popular keys on my keyboard are delete and backspace lol

I would be very interested in reading your story. Please do tag me if you decide to take the plunge! Thanks for reading babe, I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Well, to begin, we definitely have @dreemsteem in common lol. And I 'found' her some time after I found you. There are more connections. I had been admiring your awesome banner/logo. I knew the name of the artist who had made it but never thought of getting in touch. Then I asked another friend if he knew of someone who could make a banner for me. He arranged the whole thing for me and guess what? It's Jim who did mine LOL. I guess that now that so many people have left Steemit due to the price of Steem, our world has gotten a lot smaller, and now it's easier to connect with people. I believe it's a good thing.
And also, I see @enginewitty in your 'list'. I've had the honor of meeting him at Steemfest. So ya: small world indeed.

But I'm sure that we'll find other similarities as time seems to be that way for me lately.


Yep we all have banners from.Jim and all write fiction!!!

And before you were my twin... monchie was my twin too 😂😂😂😂😂 sure your minds DO think alike! LOLOL

I wanna read your story too! And yes!!! Release it in chapters!!! It will drive you to keep going! I agree with @monchhichi23 ♥️♥️♥️

Tag me too if you start writing !!!

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What do you mean was???? Am I no longer your twin??? Do you not love me anymore??

tenor (4).gif
Hehehehe 🖤🖤🖤

your GIFS ALWAYS CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i meant - "was" meaning that you BECAME my twin in the past! hahahahaha you still is, girrrrrrrl. you still is. LOLOLOL

you know i always love my #am3ga! hahahaah

Woohoo! Chi Chi is amazing, been following her since Dreemy introduced us. Glad we have similar tastes sweets🤗😘🤗

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it was soooooooooo good!!!!! so so so so good!!!!

and yep - my monchie is an amazing writer... i can't wait to find out what happens with Brooke!!!!!!!!! Adrian better not hurt her or i'm gonna have to have some words! LOLOL

Ahhh ok... seems you and I have been running in the same circles. I have loved the connections I've made. I'm very glad our paths have crossed... and I truly look forward to getting to know you.