The Pack

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Hunter was running from other packs, a lone wolf. Trusting in his senses and strength he hunted and solved problems. Cold winter has engulfed the woods and everything living in them. No food could be found in them these days. Deers were too quick to catch, and white snow was giving away every animal that was sneaking around. The only food that was left were pigs and chicken in nearby villages. It was dangerous, the villagers were crushing wolves such as him with wooden mallets.

His own pack was long lost, it was almost like nobody knows each other. Everyone has his own prey and he had no reason to interact with them. Those wolves he grew up with were no longer here, and they were always busy. He growled and howled while standing on a rock waiting for the sunrise. His brothers were leaving, traitors! They all have their own destinies, but together they made a destiny of the forest. The forest which is dying.

Once a mighty pack has lost its strength, everyone was hiding in his cave. Paws were freezing in the snow, their fangs were always ready. All of them were constantly seeking food, but they didn't know that their health won't allow them to hunt next year. Every fourth was sick, and their death was only a matter of time.

He was still fighting unfair battles, he would attack those who were to be feared. Half dead, he would strangle the leader rams of the wild goat flocks. That gave him bruises and cuts, but he survived. Meanwhile, a mother was feeding her sons. Those cubs were destined for lonely life.

And where is the sun? Is it going through branches? Darkness is in the places where once light dominated. Once free, now the wolves are dying, and the pack leaders were eating their own kind in their struggle for survival. There was another wolf, a stranger. His bones were weak, and his furs was harsh, yet he was the only one who had the courage to attack the rams. The lone wolf saw the fight and helped him in the fight. The other wolf started growling, but the loner just stood there looking at him. He took two steps back and let the hungry wolf eat. When he finished, the line hunter ate what was left of the ram.

That night he felt something that he missed for a long time - warmth of another wolf's body. That night a new pack was assembled. Now it was two of them, but in the old days, a pack counted more than fifty members. The hunter and his follower had great success that year. They even found a lone mother with four of her sons. As they had more food than they needed, they gave them some.

Even though he was a loner for a long time, Hunter remembered how his father raised him. To die for his pack was his goal. No wolf could hunt them now, no matter how strong he was their eyes were disappearing in the fog when the pack was passing close to them. The skies were darker than the soot, yet the pack continued fighting. Hunter's heart was burning with desire to live now, he was looking at the distance when the rays of sun started tearing the clouds. Brothers started returning to the mighty pack with one thought: "You cannot leave your brothers behind, even by the wolf laws."

Thanks for reading my story.

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This is my original work, copyright restricted.
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until no, never knew wolves cuddle or why he miss some warmth from another wolf's body. great mindset.


Thanks man, but it is just a metaphorical story about humans :D


i got it. interesting capture.