Pride Of The Forefathers

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Pride my brother, pride has sent me on this journey. When we separated, my crew and I went to Carthage where we stayed for a year. We taught them to build ships and craft weapons, yet we had to leave because of their gods.

They are good people, but many of the wealthy traders have corrupted souls. They thought that they could get wealthier by sacrificing their sons to the gods. After we tried to convince them not to do so, they expelled us and we headed to the north.

I wanted to sail back to Dardania, but the strong wind made us disembark in Latium. There we founded a few settlements. For many years my settlement was growing, we used limestone as a reminder of our old empire. Soon the local people started migrating to our city and they gave him a new name - Alba Longa - the long white city.

Ruling the city was very boring, I had to retire so I gave my son Procas the right to rule. I built a small villa outside the city when my wife died. Procas was a diligent man, but he was too stressed about ruling that he didn't pay much attention to his sons. Numitor was his successor, he was exceptional at fighting and trading. He had several sons and a daughter. But Procas had another son, Amulius. He was not a good fighter, but he was skilled with words.

One could say that the god was speaking through his mouth. He was very proud and he thought that he would be the best ruler of the city. Unfortunately my son died before me, Numitor should have taken the throne, but Amulius started rallying supporters to overthrow him.

After a few days he did it, he also ordered his soldiers to kill Numitor's sons. This way he wanted to secure his rule. He also ordered Rhea to be a vestal virgin. Rhea was the only Numitor's daughter. She was betrothed to Marius, one of the best warriors in the city.

Marius was furious and he tried to kill Amulius, but he failed. He was thrown to the dungeons. Amulius finally eliminated all threats to his rule and then he came to me. He wanted me to be his tutor.
I was disappointed, I said: "A man learns to rule from his birth, and you should have known that. Also you said that you would make the best ruler. You have proven that you are a capable kinslayer, now we will see how good ruler you are."

That night a rabble came into my house and burned it down. I managed to escape to the woods, but while I was running away, I stumbled and fell on the ground. One man had found me and tried to kill me with a club. That's when I met Marthia. She was a wolf that saved me from the killer. She became my best friend.

The few coins I had I used to buy a flock of sheep. I built myself a hut near the city in order to be ready to strike back at the man who had no respect for his ancestors. He was sitting proudly on his throne for long. Thinking that nobody could replace him he became cruel to the commoners. Some say that he killed everybody who publicly disagreed with him.

Almost a year had passed when someone from the temple shouted: "The city has a heir!" Amulius was confused. He quickly went to the temple where he was met by the nasty surprise. Rhea was pregnant. She had given birth to twins. Frustrated, Amulius ordered the children to be cast into the Tiber. I heard the news I ran to the coasts to search for the children. I was searching for them whole day and whole night, but I couldn't find them. Luckily Marthia found them first. They were in the cradle with a piece of stone in which their names were engraved. Romulus and Remus, they were my only heirs now.

Every day I was doing my best to raise them as good men. I taught them everything I could. When they grew up I told them a story about their father. They were both thirsty of revenge, they wanted to kill Amulius, but I told them that they had to be patient. When they reached adulthood I took them with me to the banks of Tiber in order to show them where I found them. And the twins, they founded a village there, they were gathering supporters to overthrow Amulius. They succeeded, Amulius was defeated and they reinstalled Numitor on the throne.

When they got back to the village, many people followed them, and the village quickly grew into town. Then a problem showed up. Many thieves and bandits were lurking in the area. The town needed to be defended. Romulus said that he would build the walls. He was working hard to plan the fortifications, but when he built the walls, Remus laughed. He climbed the walls with ease and it humiliated Romulus.

Romulus was angry, frustrated and disappointed. He also had a couple of drinks before he showed the walls. It was a deadly combination of alcohol and disappointment that made Romulus pull out his sword and stab Remus in the stomach. He didn't want to kill his brother, but nobody could save Remus.

Romulus came to me, he was broken, hopeless. He knew what he did, and he was sorry. I told him that he was drunk and angry and that he would be a good king. I said that so he could forgive himself, but I couldn't watch the same pride Amulius had in him. I wanted to leave the peninsula forever but I couldn't, I was old and I wasn't as strong as I was once. I went to the banks of Tiber to pray when a voice spoke to me.

It said that my job is not finished and that I had to repay my debt to you. I had to watch how pride, which made me question you, destroy my family. Then it said that I should take a bath in the river. I was swimming around when the stream started carrying me.

I tried to resist, but I couldn't make it to the shore. I started drowning but somehow I survived and I was at the sea. Tiber washed away my sins and mortal parts. I was strong enough to swim to the shore. That's when I decided to find you.

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