scramblin atop a pile of used and discarded bot husks

anybody who could be capable of a conversation make it here?

all six hundred of you just vote and bounce? only a quarter of you even got paid? damn

Ugly body showing on here

Don't mean to be faceticious but: what are you talking about exactly?

As in what body parts aren't pleasing your eye

not hip with the slang

My bad that was me on @dometech's account. Statements stand though.

This post smells like cocaine.

This may be odd but I am genuinely touched by this comment which I'm still not sure how to take.

it was totally supposed be like it smelled like cocaine!!!

Between you and I, do you mean cocaine like Richard Pryor means:

  1. Prior his physiological and psychological cocaine addiction, rather cursory exploratory cocaine steps.
  2. During, from a scale of (he's rich course he parties) to (oh sad) to (oh gross) to (oh gross AND sad) or
  3. After, aging gracefully in a red track suit.

I was thinking more like Dennis Leary in the early 90’s.

I'll take that as a win.

Ego came out of that better than expected or within the realm of possibility actually.

wow so amazing great poetry you have shared

I'm not sure what the fuck the rock people on the psuedo-rock wall image is supposed to convey but fuck you think you gonna just come in here post some statues in oddly composed brick wall shit and just leave it like cool then

I'll finish that joke later.

edit: nah gonna have to take this one on the chin

I think we need more cigarette brakes in these meetings, also the mana machine is broken again ;)

I wonder if its possible to use "wow" with the following quali/quantifier of "so" to deliver a sincere compliment without the receiver's initial reaction being akin to "the fuck thats supposed to mean"

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Came to terms of said

I hope this might be real live

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Its like dialouge who talk about something what they want keep in secret story. Am i?

thanks for sharing ..........

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I agree with the cocaine theory here...

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I don't and I can't agree with this post.
Please we should'nt play around with God almighty.
Sorry to whom it may affect. It's just a pity.

My friend, God didn't give us free will to waste on respectable living. Have a drink.

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