APPLE is threatening WHAT again??

in writing •  12 days ago 

About a year or three ago my iPhone 6s locked up. I got a message that I had “used the wrong password to many times” and to unlock my phone I would have to “reset” the darned thing.
First thing was my phone was on the dresser all night long and NO ONE tried accessing it. I went to bed after checking my messages, turned off the phone and went to bed. Next day, it locked up. About the only thing I possibly did wrong was while running out of room I stopped updating the phone. I lost 3 stories and about 500 photographs when APPLE reset the cloud account I thought I could trust.

Fast forward to current date and what do I find but a news article with a headline reading “Apple warns some iPhone users: update your phone or lose Internet”. Hmmmm, Well, I am refusing to update my phone due to limited space and I am being very careful about logins. Now they are saying if I do not use “Their” updates I will lose my phone… This is BLACKMAIL in its simplest form. Holding MY PHONE and MY Service provider hostage just so they can gather more intelligence about ME! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Take away ANY service I pay for and I will have APPLE in court, especially if they are doing this with forethought and malice.

APPLE Incorporated, YOU are losing a customer the instant you TRY limiting my service!!!

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