The beauty of the cave LOYANG KORO in Takengon, Aceh

in writing •  3 years ago 

Cave Loyang Koro is a cave located on the lake shore fresh sea Takengon town with the distance of approximately 5 kilometers east of the capital city of Takengon, this cave is one of the attractions are very beautiful and crowded visitors when the holiday. Visitors can enter the cave that has a depth of 110 meters by foot.


According to history, through this cave buffalo herdsmen bring their cattle, so this cave is a shortcut to get to Takengon to trade, if mareka carry livestock through the streets very much and takes too long. And instead of Takengon also the cave whose name Gua goats are concatenated with Cave Loyang Koro, but is now closed and can not be passed again, according to legend the closing of this cave due to conflicts between goatherders with herding buffalo equally carry livestock , When it collided in the cave and equally unwilling to budge or backward one to cause the collapse of the wall of the cave so that the road is closed and can not be skipped again.

But whatever history we have to keep this cave. When you visit do not write off the walls cave. Keep the cave in order to stay awake beauty. With that we already appreciate the history that has been inherited to us all.


Thank you all, and we must remain in love over natural resources.


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