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Science continues to stir our minds, and this time we prepared 7 interesting facts that you probably did not know. Sometimes ordinary things and phenomena hide behind themselves many secrets, revealing which, there are more and more new questions. Do you know about new organs in the human body? And what about immortality? Perhaps, the riddles that torment all mankind, still had no chance to solve, but we definitely got to lift the veil of secrecy.

We are full of bacteria

Of course, now you will say that you knew about it, but here is a remarkable fact: most likely, you did not know about how many bacteria are hidden under our skin. Right? Puzzled? Well, let's not torment the answer. The bacteria of these are larger than all the cells in the human body. Our body is just teeming with various bacteria, but, fortunately, most of them are designed to help our body function. Without them, we would not be able to properly recruit or lose weight, and our immune system would become useless. The weight of these bacteria is half a gallon, which is almost 2 liters (for comparison: in a human body weighing 130 lbs contains less than 5 liters of blood).

The Walking Dead

The death of a person primarily means the death of the brain, but with our body everything is different. After detecting death, some cells within the body continue to be active. This happens for a certain amount of time. Imagine how terrible it would be if after death the human brain could perform only two functions - there is also a move. Hello to army of zombies.

Sleeping Trees

In nature, everything needs rest. A person goes to bed at night, of course, if he is not a convinced owl, and many plants should rest. For example, flowers collect their buds, but you could learn about this from the school program, and what did you hear about sleeping trees? In the world, life is sometimes associated with sunrise and sunset. So, a group of scientists in Finland conducted an interesting study, which says that with sunset, branches of trees begin to hang, and with the ascent the total height of the tree from the vertex increases by 10 centimeters. This allows us to say that even trees have their own sleep and rest regime, but you don't.

You will pass the whole world 5 times

Not in the literal sense, of course. Although, if you manage to visit each country, you can be called a lucky beggar. So, we are talking about the fact that from your first step to the last you will pass the distance equivalent to the one that you would overcome, having decided to bypass the whole Earth 5 times. So, when the next time someone tells you that you are a passive lifestyle, show him this article.

Mesentery - a new human organ

Most likely, you did not even hear about this organ. It appeared to us relatively recently (in terms of history), so for general erudition it would be nice to learn about its functions. The mesentery is the organ that connects the intestine with the inner abdominal wall and is responsible for the functioning of the immune system. It also restrains internal organs when we move. The important organ that you now know about.

GPS destroying our natural navigation

Today, thanks to modern technology, you can get anywhere, it is important to know only the address of the final point. The route will be built, and recommendations up to a meter before the turn will help you get to that point. But often we rely too much on these technologies, so we are increasingly losing the ability to navigate naturally. As a result, we can get a generation that does not know how to navigate at all. It can not do without a gadget. It is not always necessary to resort to technology, but rather rely on the good old skills that evolution has given us.

Functioning of the brain of the introvert and extrovert

This struggle, it seems, will never abate. A recent study of the brain of the introvert and extravert has added another plus to the treasury of the two warring tribes. While extroverts can boast of excellent memory, introverts have a lot of gray matter, however strange it may sound. In other words, introverts can better analyze and make more informed decisions, but very poorly remember some things.

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