Best Friends For Never... Eps 3

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Ugh" I grumbled as I stepped out of bed. My eyes widen from what my bedside clock says "11 a.m!" Wow...

I had been up all night, face-timing Charlotte and I couldn't remember the exact time I drifted to sleep. I chuckled as that reminded me about my past of sleeping off on my friends when I'm on late night chats or calls with them. I remember Rob, my childhood friend had complained countless times about the behavior and it pissed him the hell off. Most of the time, he shouted my name into the speaker or disconnected the call to call me back but none of those woke me up.

Awwww I'm unusually excited today, I thought, with my forefinger on my chin. Oh yeah right! I snapped my fingers, I have a date with Benton by 4 p.m. Hmm, how great that sounds; I can't wait for him to ask me out.

I dragged my house robe from my wardrobe and shuffled downstairs, I was starving and it's almost past my breakfast time.

"Can't you lift your feet off the floor Amelia?" thundered Adley, from his room. I knew it was best to ignore him because it was too early for me to argue and I needed to hurry with my breakfast, so I could practise my makeup and select my outfit for the date.

College is just a summer away and I'm thankful I'd be going from home, with my car; I don't have to live in a dorm this time. How easy and sweet life is for me.

I had told Charlotte during our calls last night that I have been craving for plantain and eggs and that is just what I want to have for breakfast.

The Kitchen Cabinet was built high and I always got to jump each time I want to take a pot or any other kitchen utensil, it was almost 11.20 a.m and I didn't want my breakfast to roll into a brunch. I chopped the onion, carrots, pepper, tomato and peas, whipped the eggs: everything I needed for my sauce was ready.. I turned on the cooker and started preparing my meal.

While I stirred, I waited for Adley to come down begging for some plantain once the aroma had diffused to his room but surprisingly, he didn't. I dished my food into my favorite plate and walked back up to my room shuffling my feet at the stairs. This time, Adley didn't call me out again, normally he would open the door and call me an ass. I began to wonder what was up; his room was before mine so when I got to his door, I stood and placed my ears on the handle, trying to eavesdrop to know if something was going on there.. Yuck! I wasn't wrong, there was a female in the room and she was chuckling at everything my brother said. Adley never told me he had a girlfriend, I felt betrayed because I always told him everything about me. First he gave my twitter ID to Benton without my consent and that was how I became friends wit him; well I like him. I shrugged, so that wasn't a problem but Adley inviting a girl over to the house without telling me? I bit my lips.

I'm sure mum didn't know and dad wouldn't know either.. Soon, the door jerked open, Whoops! my food almost fell as my heart jumped to my mouth..

"Hello" she said.
"Aww baby, this is your younger sister? She's so pretty", She turned towards Adley gesturing her surprise and excitement.

I stood there, not knowing what to say. She had a red hair and too much makeup. She wore kitten heels that were barely an inch, and a bodycon dress. She was skinny with big b*obs and small bum. She didn't interest me at all and if she didn't, she wouldn't interest Adley either. I know Adley's type of women.

I gave him the can-you-explain-what-is-going-on look and he understood and quickly made the introductions..

"Yeah Sasha, that's my sister Amelia", He tapped his nose.
"Baby, this is Sasha, my friend". Adley only calls me baby when he does something wrong and didn't want me to tell our parents but this time, I wasn't buying it. He got to do something more than just calling me baby.

Sasha didn't seem pleased with the introduction as she got the I-am-disappointed look on her face. I don't know the relationship she has with my brother but I felt pity for her. Adley must be up to something.

"Hi dear, good to see you in our house" I was sarcastic as usual.
"Em, my food is getting cold so take care, good to see you", I hurried off to my room.

I washed my mouth and pulled off my house robe; I prefer being without clothes when I'm alone.

I dialed Charlotte and we began chatting while I ate.

"How are you love?"
"I'm good baby, so you still excited about your date today?" she asked, sounding weak.
"Yes I am, you good?"
"Yeah I'm fine, you just woke me up"
"Lol, get your bum off the bed and get your day started already", I giggled.
"Hol'on did you just tell me lol?Aha! Hahaha" she laughed hysterically at me.
"You are so crazy Charlotte, you know I'm used to writing that, so it just slipped out of my mouth"
"That's okay, has Benton called you today? "
" No he hasn't but I got his text. He said he couldn't wait to see me"
"Oh my girrrl I envy you. The picture of him you sent was so hot, I could literally stare on that pic everyday of my life"
"Hey c'mon you my best friend, you wouldn't do that"
"Of course, I wouldn't. Alright let me freshen up. You still made plantain and eggs? "
" Yes I did and I'm on it at the moment"
"Oh wow, I will talk to you later Amy, love you" she said hanging up without even waiting for a reply.

I realized I just told Charlotte she's my best friend. I wasn't sure of that but she was the only person I still kept in touch with after my high school and the only girl I call. I didn't have much female friends, I prefer to think I have people I talk to but they ain't my friends. So it's safe to say Charlotte is my best friend.

I washed my hand in the bathroom Basin and sat in front of my mirror to practice my makeup. I searched some YouTube makeup videos and learnt about having the perfect winged liner. I'm good at makeup generally but not eye makeup so I was bent on being perfect on that.

In three hours, I had gotten the perfect makeup for my date. My phone rang as I was going to the wardrobe, I dashed back to the bed and picked, it was Benton. We talked for about five minutes; he wanted to know what I'd be wearing.

"I haven't decided on that" I told him.
"OK, look extra good Cheeseball" he said and blew me a kiss.
"I will", I replied, too shy to return his kiss".
"I will be there in an hour and half so you get ready".
"I sure will"

He hung up and I jumped, so excited. I admired myself in the mirror and I knew if I was a guy, I would date someone exactly like me.

"Oops, my makeup will take an hour so I'm left with 30 minutes to find what to wear and shower". I thought aloud.

After five minutes of indecisiveness, I settled for my blue backless halter neck dress. It's one of my favorite and it suits me perfectly and makes my curves pop. Remember you dressing to kill? My inner self told me, and for once, it seems to agree with my plan. I nodded, in concurrence to that.
I selected a gold Susan Bennis Pump to match, from my shoe collections and also a gold Chanel purse. I laid them on the bed, and took a look at each, making sure they are perfect; I don't want my evening ruined by any wardrobe malfunction. Once satisfied, I went to my bathroom and had a cold shower.

It was time to get ready...

I imagined what Benton would wear and how he would look. I bet he would look good in anything even rags because he makes everything look so good. My towel was still wrapped around my wet hair while I applied my lotion. The best part of this preparation is my makeup and I couldn't wait to start. I pulled a seat to the window, where there was another mirror but unfixed, turned the AC on and started with my primer first, followed by my eyebrows, eye shadow and liner, then my concealer, foundation, highlight and contour. With the type of makeup I have on, especially the smoky cat eyes, I prefer a nude lipstick, and all my lipstick collections were matte. I put it on, loosened the towel and dried out my hair.

In front of my wall mirror, I wore my dress, combed and styled my hair, letting it fall to my shoulder. It complimented my bare skin and gently caressed it.

It was 4 p.m.

I wore my shoes and waited for Benton to call and in a second, his call came through..
"Hey, you ready cupcake? "
"Yes, I replied"
"Okay, I'm about to ring the doorbell, please come open up"

I was the only one home, Adley had gone out with his ugly girl friend and mum and dad were still at work and wouldn't be home till 6 p.m. I hoped to be back before them.. I swayed my hips and admired myself as I walked past the mirror.

Downstairs, Artisan by John Varvatos Cologne filled the air.. Wow, that reminded me I hadn't even sprayed a perfume on me but it didn't matter because my lotion smelled so good.

"Hello", I blushed.

He stood for a while, with his mouth agape. "You look so beautiful Amelia" He said hugging me.
"Thank you, your Cologne smells nice"
"Thank you too", he softly squeezed my shoulders.

"So where are we going to? " I flipped my lashes.
"Um, there's a little problem cupcake and I hope you can forgive me", he was sad.

My countenance began to drop and my beautiful smile gradually faded.

"My mum needs me to pick her up from work and I wouldn't be back till 6, so if you can give me li-"

"No, never mind Benton, sorry to cut you short. That's the time my parents are gonna be back, and I need to be home by then. Maybe some other time", I managed a smile.

"You sure that's ok by you? I could tell my mum something's up. It's just, her car broke down and it's at the mechanic and the guy said he wouldn't fix it till morrow"

Somehow I felt Benton was lying but I tried to keep an open mind that he could be telling the truth, at least he was dressed in casuals and loafers.

"Yes it's fine Benton"
"Can I kiss you before I leave? ", his eyes were soft and heart-melting.

I was fighting so hard to suppress my anger and his cute face meant nothing to me at the moment..

"Nah, you cant"
"Alright, I'll fix something soon, I promise. Please dress this way for the next date". He kissed my forehead and shut the door..

"You wish" I muttered under my breath. I locked the door and started walking the stairs, only to realize my tits were already visibly hard. Could this be why he wanted me to dress this way the second time? ".

Tears were already formed in my eyes and I remembered the preparations I made for today and time wasted putting my makeup on. I started sniffing as the tears were uncontrollably rolling down. I hate disappointments!

I got an incoming call and I opened my purse, to retrieve my phone; it was from an unsaved number, I dabbed my eyes with my handkerchief to see the name True caller displayed..

"Paige" !!!! I shuddered.

My vision became fuzzy and it was suddenly dark.. I tried to hold on to the railings for support but my feet slipped on the stairs and I fell..


Wow. That's almost effortless writing...

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