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And when that cotton gets a rotten you can’t pick any more cotton.” (Lead Belly - 1940)

"I have cotton or flannel sheets, depending on the weather. They have to be ironed, and I get my bed changed nearly every day." (Martha Steward - 2013)

History shows a great demand for cotton.

Joe Cool walks down the hallway balancing his coffee in one hand and his notebook in the other. He trips on a step he didn’t see and spills a drop of coffee on his new white shirt. There is nothing he can do to clean the stain so he doesn’t think twice before throwing it away and buying another shirt.

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Advertisers make the cotton industry look sensual.

While large countries subsidize cotton, farmers in small countries like Mali cannot compete for the textiles industry's demand for low cotton prices. Farmers and their families suffer with no hope for the future.

In countries like Uzbekestain cotton is a mainstay of the community so when it comes to cotton harvest everybody is out picking cotton whether you are a doctor a nurse or a school child. Workers suffer back breaking labor and blisters and sores. They are subject to pesticides and health risks in the fields, but often the workers are not paid or they are under paid.

The normal stress of a cotton farmer is enough to drive them to the brink but add a natural disaster and there seems to be no hope.

Heavy rains or drought have driven Indian farmers to suicide. Forbes reports Every 30 Minutes an Indian Farmer Commits Suicide. Although farming techniques and seeds have improved, farmers who invested money in seed often fall into debt when the rains don’t come or come too heavy. Farmers end up killing themselves by consuming the very pesticides they went into debt to buy. The future looks bleak for young farmers. At the same time textile industries profit from low cotton prices Pollution and poor working conditions burden farmers. Payments are delayed and lack government support. Farmers meet corruption and scams only to find that their crop is destroyed by foul weather.

What would happen if the whole cotton industry could work on a decentralized system without interference from centralized banks and government?

Could there be a way to use blockchain technology to benefit both cotton farmers and their customers? Could one crypto currency help to authenticate cotton sources, track delivery, report issues and monitor cotton prices? I’m sure it could.

This is exactly what COTTON COIN technology aims to do.

I took some time today to read over their white paper and mission at . Their mission is “saving lives through technology.” The COTTON COIN makes sure that the cotton related data cannot be corrupted or modified in any way, by any party. COTTON COIN uses a peer-to-peer payment network bypassing corrupted intermediaries and can manage more than 1,000,000 transactions each day. A total supply of 20,000,000 COTN will be made available to users across the world. COTTON COIN could be used to authenticate cotton sources, track delivery and monitor cotton prices. The COTTON COIN will help solve a lot of the problems in the cotton industry. Most importantly it will help to fight of corruption by enabling technology to become the “authority.” This will build trust among the cotton supply chain companies, consumers and authorities.

Peer to peer payments by cotton coin will solve the problem of slow and non-payment agents and provide instant payments for famers and costumers and the international market.

The Cotton Coin Technologies team has already developed a mobile dApp for inventory and purchases that works through a bar code. As long as it is on the block chain no one can mess with the data any more. This gets rid of the mistrust between costumers and farmers and authorities. As long as it is in the block chain the data is common property to all involved. The data becomes transparent to the public. This makes a difference in the integrity of the industry and will save lives.

Feel free to check out the white paper for any inquiries into the COTTON COIN and its applications.

I also recommend checking their web page for any technical questions or just stop by if you are curious. I’m thankful to Piotr Leib @crypto.piotr on Steemit for introducing this wonderful technology to me. I hope it will revolutionize the cotton industry to give a new era of farmers hope and give me reassurance that my undies are protected and kept decentralized thanks to blockchain technology. Given global demand and industry needs for decentralization Cotton Coin Technologies through Shiv Kumar and his team will bring life to the cotton industry.



Contact Cotton Coin Technologies


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Greetings @mineopoly

We would like to confirm that your entry has been submited. Thank you for your time and effort.

Results of this contest will be announced on saturday 07/07/2018.

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin


Thank you @cotton.coin for giving me the opportunity to research about this revolutionary coin. I really do like your company motto and hope that the cotton industry will use this cryptocurrency for record keeping and transactions.


And blessings to your company



Greetings @mineopoly


Thank you for your kind comment :) We can only hope that this coin will revolutionize cotton industry.

Just a small update.

Results will be announced on saturday 14/07/2018 (instead of 07/07/2018). This contest turned out to be a huge success and it may take us more than a week to read all reviews.

You can find more details visiting @crypto.piotr profile and checking out his latest post:

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin

What would happen if the whole cotton industry could work on a decentralized system without interference from centralized banks and government?
Such a daring question that seems only asked in the discussion of blockchain nowadays. Seriously, millennials seem to have accepted a central authority will subjugate them, as long as they are allowed to keep their phone. ALso enjoyed how you followed that question with other descriptive ones to examine the story the way a reporter from from the 1980’s might.

Pickin’ Time


I can't believe this video got 6 dislikes. Johnny Cash picked cotton until he learned to pick the guitar.

Moved to tears @redheadpei.

hi @mineopoly

I totally love title of your review :) One of better onese I've read so far.

Thank you for your constant support buddy. I appreciate your time and effort :)



Thanks... before this gets too old to edit, do you think I should change the tag from world to #cotton.coin


Im sorry @mineopoly. It seem that I just missed your reply :/


Don't worry. I changed the tag friend :)

I just realized that I never said THANK YOU for your time and effort @mineopoly

I really appreciate it. And I will love to keep in touch. You're hall of an interesting and positive person


When I was a little bitty baby
My mama would rock me in the cradle
In them old cotton fields back home

it's still one of my favorite songs to this day 😄
maybe not for the song itself but what it reminds me of.

and i thought you were joking when you said cotton coin. apparently not!


Thanks for sharing this video. CCR was one of my favorite groups. From what I heard, John Fogerty still rocks.

I'm still contemplating changing the tag to #comedyopenmic. One of the executive members of the company is on Steemit and so I wanted to share my view of his coin as an entry into a writing contest. I'm waiting for his response.

All kidding aside the cotton coin seems like a noble attempt to get rid of a lot of the corruption in the industry. I don't think the Indian government will be so happy about it but things will change... some day.

Friend you have my support!


Thank you. And I really do love nachos... with cheese or salsa doesn't really matter.

Gracias mi amigo :-)

Joe Cool walks down the hallway balancing his coffee in one hand and his notebook in the other. He trips on a step he didn’t see and spills a drop of coffee on his new white shirt. There is nothing he can do to clean the stain so he doesn’t think twice before throwing it away and buying another shirt.

I liked the way you birthed your content it was intriguing to me and concise

but I like to ask is your invested in the cotton industry may be @cotton.coin might be a good technology to left it off the ground

Best wishes as you slide with your submission in this contest


Thank you @maxiemoses-eu

I hope the same for you.


thanks @mineopoly
I see this contest to fierce and heated
while reading true every single piece can hardly decide

Great article, definitely one of my favorite. I like your eye-catching quotes in the beginning. Thank you for your engagement and professional approach. I wish you best in Piotr's contest!

P.S. I followed you and hope to see more interesting content on your profile :)


Thanks @neavvy. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will stop over by your blog. Thanks for the comment. Upvotes on posts over 6 days don't really count in the rewards so please check out some of my recent posts. Welcome always :-)


You have just informed me on some of the why's cotton farmers die just like that. The aims and objectives of the cotton coin technology as done by you cannot be underemphasized.
I have learnt a lot stopping by to judge your beautiful contribution. Well done here!


Thanks for your kind words @jodekss. I'm glad you can understand he plight of these farmers and hope that we can take a role in making this dream become a reality.