Normal service will be resumed...

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Ah, who am I kidding... nothing 'normal' here...

We're off on another adventure and when I get my act together and start writing them up, I'll share them all with you.

Last week we were at the London Classic Motor Show and this week, we're at another one!


An hour and a half away, we're already 20 minutes late for setting off - entirely my fault.

So, later this evening, or more probably tomorrow sometime, I'll catch up with Bouncer - which has a title and a relevant picture to go with it, show you a piece of the new Dusty (never seen before), a report on the show and also (most important) another Group Mentorship post.

Keep watching...

Well, don't keep watching... you know, cos it'll be boring... but check back soon :)


That looks like some serious Group B rally racing hardware...

Nice post

Very nice... cool cars🚗

Wow beautyful story post......Thanks for sharing.......

That Audi reminded me of the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie. Have a great day don't blame yourself for being late. Surely, you won't miss anything interesting.

thats sounds awesome

awesome story ,upvote and resteemt done

What a beautiful car. It's like the wonder car.

I showed the post to my husband and he fell in love with the super car, told me I want to drive it, enjoy watching it admire the sports car.

When I opened your post and saw the photo I thought you were driving that vehicle. It is wonderful you and your husband share the same interests.

Next thing we know you will be driving for a race.

Thanks for catching us up on the next step.
Can't wait to see the next Group Mentorship post. :}

What a nice car. I like it

I'll be waiting to read all about these exciting adventures...

Are you sure you're late and not really early? Been known to happen....just sayin'

Thought you must be away on an adventure or something, love the photo of the audi quattro absolute stunning piece of engineering, killed a few people in the 1980's WRC before being banned from the sport due to it having no competition and the dangers it brought with the added speed and handling capabilities, if my facts are right anyway!

Oh, i'll keep watching!

Always the best, Michelle.