The situations that lead us to failure or raise you to the clouds (Day 1)

in writing •  last month

Just to feel that you are no longer a memory, it is one of the most exasperating sensations that we can feel, the need to be important for others surpasses us. How many of us have not asked this question in our lives, will it be that I need other people, to continue living?

Well, let me tell you, dear friend, that if it were not that way, when the people we love the most do not pay attention to us, our reaction would be as if nothing happened. But instead, the most well-known reaction in those moments is pain.

In those moments we feel that the world is coming to us and in dependence on our maturity is that we analyze our situation and there is a decision that makes us move forward or maybe we get stuck in those situations of life!

  • How to take certain situations in life;


In order to change life circumstances they require that it adjust their daily habits, for better development and living conditions!

In certain moments and situations that we are presented with, we must be careful with our attitudes, either positively or negatively, many may feel hurt and thus try to put you aside, in that way you will feel that you minimize the pain, as positively; Many people with bad hearts seek to take advantage of good intentions. That's why I am writing you to be aware in every situation that comes your way.

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