My Writing Journey: Let’s Get Systematic, a New Plan for Success, 1/24/2019

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I just published a piece over on Medium entitled “I’m Not a Writer; I’m a Fraud”.

If you happen to have a Medium account and want to share some love, claps (upvotes) are always appreciated over there. Otherwise, allow me to share the punchline:

I’m not writing enough. I’m not writing well enough. I’m full of excuses for why, and while those excuses feel like real, genuine impediments to me, at the end of the day, they’re still just excuses.

I need a new system to make sure I keep up satisfactory writing progress. So here’s my new plan:

  1. Wake up at 4:30 AM.
  2. Get coffee.
  3. Sit my ass down and write (or do research for writing).
  4. Go to work.
  5. In the evenings, completely relax and unwind--no work whatsoever.
  6. Get to bed by 8:30 PM.
  7. Repeat the next day and every day until I can rightfully claim the title of writer.
  8. Never stop.

This plan will take discipline and will likely cause discomfort. It’s necessary. I’m not here to write about suffering, though; I’m here to write about succeeding.


Hmm, a battle plan I like to see followed out. I better see yah live up to it soldier. Will make sure yah do so!~
:^ So when yah commenting on me posts again? :^


I'm so underwater, man... I'll comment when I've read and caught back up

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