57. My Writing Journey: Failure 2, Success, Success, Success, Success, Success, 2/6/2019

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It’s been a busy week.

Let’s start with the big failure. I submitted a story to The Threepenny Review, one of the big-name literary journals. They swatted it back down within 24 hours. Oh well. On the bright side, at least now I can add “Rejected by The Threepenny Review” to my resume.

Enough about failures; let’s talk successes. It’s been a productive week.

First, I got a number of pieces accepted into various Medium publications. They are all behind paywalls, so if you click on a link, know that you only get free access to so many per month (I think it’s 3 articles per month). Here’s the full list:

  1. The Religious Right: Abandon All Morality Ye Who Enter Here on ExtraNewsFeed
  2. We’re All Southern, Man: Family Violence, Trauma, and Shameful Politics on Invisible Illness
  3. Celebrate the Small Victories in Curiosity Never Killed the Writer (You can probably skip this one)
  4. And a chapter of a near-future light sci-fi dystopia entitled America a Posteriori: The Territory of Michigan on The Junction

Not to name names (but to totally name names), I think the sci-fi one might appeal to @birddroppings, @theironfelix, @f3nix, @dirge, and anyone else who wants to read some sci-fi dystopia that feels just around the corner and yet also right in our faces.

Oh, one other thing I pulled off last week:


That’s the money I made for editing my colleague’s academic manuscript. It was for two hours of work. I would have gladly taken $80, but he was feeling generous, I guess.

On that note, I’m now open for business as an editor, if anyone has something they’d like me to take a look at. I’m willing to do anything from just fix the cosmetic grammar and mechanics stuff ($2 per page) to copyediting for consistency and grammar/mechanics ($3 per page) to straight up content editing with some back-and-forth input from you ($6 per page). I've done that kind of work for colleagues, Ark Tribe, and random takers.

Send business inquiries to michaias.grigori@gmail.com

Take care, y’all.


Congrats on the successes!


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Yah forget that I am the SFF account, but I shall forgive that mishap and stop actually being sassily passive-aggressive. Anyways, seems like link machine is broke to be quite honest (for the SF story that is). Also, weird yah also focused on Michigan though I do wonder if the stories more outside or inside Detroit (just saying since I have a set of stories set there, maybe not in name 100% of the time). Anywho, nice on the copyediting work to be quite honest.


Links fixed. Thanks.

I chose Michigan because of its border status. That'll make more sense once you're into the story.

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