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Proximax is a blockchain platform which is developed with lot of awesome features, which consequently give this platform an upper technological Level; compared to what other blockchain platforms can offer. Moreover, due to the fact that a lot of project has been built on decentralized ledger technology, it is very difficult for new projects to be successful; because of the huge amount of project that has been making use of blockchain. Hence, for a new project to work to its owner's satisfaction, this project must be built on a platform which supports: smart contracts, scalability, software development kit, internet of things, and asset exchange possibilities. With the fact that all these features are encased by proximax, ProximaX is a step ahead of other blockchain platforms.


  • Users are relieved from the stress of combining features from different platforms.
  • Users will be fully concentrated on their project.
  • Users will be able to complete their project as fast as possible.
  • Users production cost will be reduced.
  • Developed project will be safer (compared to the one developed by combining features from different platforms) during development and after development.


  • Blockchain: though blockchain has been existing before the existence of ProximaX, however, ProximaX offers an upgraded version of blockchain with the use of advanced blockchain technology, which consequently grant ProximaX the ability to power entire ecosystem, provide the source of data that interconnects with other layers (either private or public), provide private blockchain solution for verifiable users and entities to participate in the network. Hence ProximaX brings public chain capabilities into enterprise (a new service called Blockchain Demilitarised Zone). Therefore, any application or website can be built on ProximaX.

  • Video streaming: through the use of peer-stream protocol (PSP) with other tools, Proximax is more than capable to support both live streaming (which is for fully anonymous interaction between users) and storage streaming (which supports streaming content from storage for pre-recorded streaming). Hence,ProximaX can be used to create video streaming website like Netflix.

  • Storage: though proximax uses decentralized data storage method, however, this platform also uses Distributed File Management System (DFMS) protocol to integrate directly with blockchain layers and it also allows Clint- side encryption for maximum data safety.

  • Consensus: a feature which can be seen in few , out of hundreds of blockchain platforms is the ability to ability to take other peoples opinion online. However, through the use of Multi-layer consensus protocol, ProximaX offers her users the ability to perform operations like voting and governance. Therefore, ProximaX can be used to create website or application for voting.

  • Data base: with the use of a technology stack that uses document based database; in conjunction with Tendermint technology as its blockchain enforcement mechanism. ProximaX offers the blockchain properties that has simple transfer transaction contracts, its own asset management, and decentralized metadata storage. Hence, ProximaX can be used to create a cloud saving website, a companys website or any application that require little or huge data base.

Fred is a business person who channel his business potential to buying and selling of cryptocurrency. However, in order to be able to achieve his goal on international level, he need to own a website which can be accessed from every corner of the world. He collaborated with a web developer and told him the things that should be available in the website. The web developer did as he said, and he began his business with the website.
However, as day pass by, Freds business grows bigger, and the increase in Freds costumer rendered a website which used to be efficient an insufficient one because it delays transactions which are supposed to be done in real time. As time pass by, the transaction speed of Freds website became worse than he can imagine.

Then he began to source for the solution to the slow transaction speed in his website. Though he tried every possible solution he came across, however, the solutions he came across isnt permanent until the day he came across ProximaX. With ProximaXs peer-to-peer technology, Freds website slow transaction speed has been dealt with, and the security of his website also gallant .

Though there are lot of blockchain platform, however, the features embedded in every blockchain platform is what reviews their capability and their rank. Having gone through some of the capabilities of proximax, isnt proximax a better blockchain platform compared to the one you have seen? I am sure and certain that, ProximaX is the best existing blockchain platform.

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