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   Goldilocks is the newest innovational system of storage which came into existence with the motive of giving her client a secured storage means. Although, there has been various means of saving data before the existence of GOLDILOCK but the existing data storage means do develop fault with time. Cloud saving, the latest data saving means before the existence of Goldilock Website is exposed to hackers and every data saved online is expose to danger. GOLDILOCK’s amazing approach and technology is said to be not cold, not hot but the right storage for it provides solution to the flaws of both cold storage and personal storage means, in other to give stored data the best security without any flaw or opportunity for hackers to gain access to any data stored on it. Goldilock has brought a very great improvement to the data saving industries and how people handle their sensitive data via airgap

   Airgap is the innovation Goldilock brought into data saving industry. Though, data stored under the custody of Goldilock is also accessible via internet for easy access to her customers but with airgap, every data will be disconnected from internet and will not be accessible online until the owner of the data login again.
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  • GOLDILOCK makes use of NEO, the first platform which focus on allowing a regulatory complaint smart economy. NEO don’t just focus on that only, but this platform also utilizes outstanding consensus mechanism to cause improvement in prove of work and prove of stake. The outstanding mechanism used by this platform is known as “Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance.”
  • Since internet hacking can only be carried out via IP address, GOLDILOCK with her technology bypass the use of IP address to access any data stored in her custody.
  • unlike the existing data saving platforms that makes use of centralized storage method, GOLDILOCK uses decentralized storage method in other to ensure proper monitoring of every data stored by each of her customer.
  • In other to prevent the access of third party, maybe the person spy the password of the saved data when the user try to access his or her data, GOLDILOCK introduce the use of biometric gateway as an additional security measure to the use of password.
       GOLDILOCK’s token which is referred to as LOCK is a NEP-5 aspect on the NEO blockchain which is purchased to allow private keys for cryptocurrencies and every other digital assets.
    When LOCK is connected with GOLDILOCK it is use to access Goldilock wallet.
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   There are numerous data saving means, but you panic about how secured your asset is, you change from one cloud saving platform to another, all because you sense the platform may crash as soon as possible. Here comes Goldilock Website with outstanding security measure for the safety of your data and asset. Banks and companies also uses Goldilock Website because it is the most secured place to overcome hackers join with the use of Goldilock today and experience the power of innovation.

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