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 When I was in my first year at university, our teacher told us about a wrong experience that had occurred at an earlier stage
Ten years ago, our professor was a senior executive at Sears, Roebuck   & Company, the owner of a series of huge markets. The company was   preparing for a big advertising campaign and was also preparing to   launch a new brand. Our professor was in charge of this campaign
For nearly two months before launch, the country was traveling north   and south to meet with partners, agencies and advertising companies to   prepare for the ad campaign and launch the new product.
During his travels, he continued to manage the day-to-day operations  of  his department. For weeks, he met partners and agencies and responded   to calls and e-mails. During this period he was only sleeping 3-4 hours   a day
A week before the inauguration ceremony, his body was unable to endure   any more. He was taken to hospital due to the effort and physical   pressure he was subjected to. He stayed in the hospital for 8 days and   as a result was unable to attend the ceremony
Health and Energy Vase
Imagine  with me that your health and your energy is a great pot of  water, and  in your daily life there are things that fill this vessel,  (inputs) such  as sleep, eating, and laughter. And all the things that  help you relax.
There are also things that consume water in the pot, such as exercise, work, study, anxiety, and various life pressures. 

 Not  only are all the things that drain your vessel negative  things on your  life, but it may be your way to live a productive life,  so it is  important to have things that consume your vessel, perform  exercises  with dedication, study and work. To be effective and  accomplished and to be able to accomplish something of value, you must  consume some of your energy
Because the output or the consumption of your vessel is cumulative,   even a simple infusion in you may lead to the loss of a large amount of   water
Cumulative pressure theory
I used to exercise weight three times a week and for a long time I   thought I had to do it four times a week. Every time I tried to  increase  the number, I only lasted for a few weeks and then I got  exhausted or  had a slight injury
I was frustrated by this. Why can not I resist increasing exercise for a limited period (4 or 5 weeks)?
Later,  I began to understand the theory of cumulative pressure. I was   convinced that 3 times of weight training per week was the rate that I   could maintain. So when I try to add a fourth day, the pressure starts   to increase and then accumulates, and at a crucial moment, the effort   and exhaustion come to a great extent, injury.
In severe cases, the same situation as my professor may become  pressure  like a snowball and grow day by day until the rest of your life  is  shattered
If you want to keep your appearance full, you have two options
Simply refill it, laugh, eat delicious food, take your right to  sleep,  and do not forget to devote part of your time to relaxation
 Make stress in your life consume from your being. But when the bucket  is finished, your body will force you to refill it  again, either by  being hit or ill, like exactly what happened with my  teacher
The more stress in your life, give yourself more space to relax. Why?  Because this time your body will take it away from you, either  tiredness, fatigue, illness, or rest, relaxation and pleasure 

So keep your eyes full

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