Going Gonzo – Today

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Thursday, 3rd January 2019.


Did I sleep? Did I fuck!

Not that I was expecting to but I’m ready, I suppose.

The 46 year old new boy.


Typically, I’m here too early. It took 13 minutes to drive here! That, in itself, is strange for me. I’ll give it ten minutes and go in. In the meantime, I’m trying to get as much coffee in me as I can.

Right. Here I go.


As suspected, all anxiety left me the minute I walked in. Like I said, I just needed to get started. The most important thing was the one thing that was left out of my welcome pack……my job description. It helped.


Bamboozling amounts of information. I’m sure I’ll remember it all one day. It’s all about working to someone else’s system innit!

Here’s a couple of views I need to get used to.

My desk.

View from the smoking area.

Obviously, the chicken salad baguette won’t always be on my desk!


First day done and all is well. I got my work phone. A brand spanky S9+. No expense spared.

The only gripe I would have is, it’s a bit fuckin’ cold. In fact, ridiculously fuckin’ cold but I can live with that for what they are paying me. I get to smoke when I want, eat when I want and, ……well, do what I want, whenever I want. Providing the work gets done.

I can live with that.


That’s better! It only took one of those big bottles of Peroni to make me feel normal again. Thank God I make good life decisions! Hahahahhahahaha!!

Yeah right!

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