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Friday, 4th January 2019.


No fucking sleep again last night! Jesus! I’m shattered. Why is it? You try to get to sleep all night, then as soon as it gets close to getting up time you start getting drowsy?


The good old “server failure”. You gotta love it! I’ll smoke some fags I suppose.

I Fred Perry’d it today.

Jesus, I’ve got a fat head!


Lunchy-bobs! Hmm! I think I’m gonna pop to Aldi. Nothing but the best for………forget it! It’s not even funny.


That was a stupid idea. Obviously, it was packed. I just about managed to get round quick enough but then queued for 20 minutes! Oh well. I got some gin and lunch and managed to avoid any unnecessary purchases from the dreaded middle isle.

I’m sure it’ll keep me amused of an hour.


Insertion displacement connector!

Just sayin’



I got a bit of praise. It made me quite happy considering it’s only day two of my new career. I think they were concerned I was going to disappear as the paperwork is quite daunting. This is due to my CV only reflecting my years as an engineer. I informed them not to worry as, I’m a complete geeky know-it-all fucktard who likes writing flamboyant emails to clients and wearing nice clothes to work and not being covered in shit all the time. This seemed to please them(and make them chuckle). It also helps that my main cohort is a 28 year old girl of considerable beauty. She’s nice and smokes Lucky Strike.

Anyone who knows me, knows this gives you quite a high ranking in the world of Me.

Anyway, forget that. All I know now is:

I’m gonna drink some gin.
I’m gonna sleep tonight.

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