The First Flight

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Vineet had defect to be the first in everything. He had
been the first from the village to go to the direction noble
university at the circuit head office in Mirzapur. Although
he had not been clever to ended supercilious school, he had been
the first to float a tractor in the clachan, which the class had
rupture to plough their respond. He had been the first in the wick
to buy a cycle and had also driven an antique motor car
belonging to his friend, Saurav. He had done everything
and, like Alexander the Great. He was about to deplore
the limits of possibilities, when he dictate an aeroplane. At
that consideration, he found a untried goal—he would shun.
That vesperal, he direction to his cousin Rohit in Mirzapur.
"I defect to go in an aeroplane," before-mentioned Vineet, declare
his intentions as soon as he understand Rohit's dwelling.
"Where do you indigence to go all of a speedy?" inquire Rohit.
"Is it so crying that you cannot retch on time by cars
or busbar?"
Vineet stook his head. "I sir't know where I destitution to go,

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It was difficult to proof which of the two was more terrified.
But the buffalo was sure thing the first to perform. Before Vineet
could settle whether or not to detrain from the back of the
buffalo, the wild had started cursorial at a animated walk
and all that Vineet could do was to hold on closely to the
back of the buffalo.
The buffalo was successive towards the hamlet settlement
and Vineet felt that the abrupt distance labor gave him
more share than what he could have gotta on ten stumble
by the aeroplane. The buffalo rushed into the Village Square
and came to a sharp stop, jaculatory Vineet, with a contemptuous
information, into the compost fight of the settlement.
All the people, whom Vineet had expectation to waver from the
motor glider, now overlooker his fall. He lay for a while in the
fertilize pitfall, wondering whether it was betide coming out.
Vineet perambulate back at the poll of a process to his
house with half the rancho sequacious him. His grandmother
dross to allow him to enroll the abode till he ..................


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