What CIVIL WAR? Nov 4th Came and Went!

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What Civil War?

November 4th came and went. Y'all feel DUMB now? LMAO. The only time there are riots is when your police and your government (the far right) pay Agent Provocateurs to start fires and break windows. 😂

This playlist is one of the thousands of videos that show police and government agents starting riots: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE698984E139F59CA
I can't seem to embed it here. Sorry!

As a Truth seeker, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's real nowadays. Anyone else feeling that way? Alt media is becoming just as bad as mainstream media. I like facts. Who, what, where, and when. "Why" is usually not so easy to figure out and often leads to all sorts of nonsense and speculation.

More Mind-fucking

This right-wing kook, Lisa Haven, Alex Jones, and many others have made a fortune making numerous videos about Nov 4th. She also claims the EMP drill lasts until Nov 6th. So beware!!! LMAO

Not saying I hate her kookiness. I rather like her as a form of entertainment. But some people are buying ammo expecting Antifa to break into their houses. Bahaha. I'm serious! That's what fear mongering does. Fear makes people vote for wanna be dictators!

Watching You

The Antifa protesters are armed with cell phone video. It's brilliant if you think about it. They upload or live-stream every agent provocateur attack. The more the truth gets out the less likely there will be riots. Spread the word. No? OKay, be like that! :p

Who Is They?
It's time to shut down these fascist mother fuckers. They are forcing the people on the right to willfully embrace fascism by fearing Antifa. Fucking ridiculous! These kids smoke pot and play video games all day. They're not trying to start a Civil War. This fear mongering is also causing us to lose more of our freedoms. The people have a RIGHT TO PROTEST.

But who is doing it? Koch brothers, Steve Bannon (who)? I know what you're thinking, life was so much easier when everything was Obama's fault! Haha

I do not support Antifa. I support the truth and I stand against fascism and authoritarian governments. Don't you? You're not going to like the government the far right is trying to install. Nationalism or National Socialism (the classic definition) is a thing of the past. It ended with Hitler. Do you want us to suffer the same fate? Imagine the world turning against us? Let me know when the bombs start dropping!

As a nation, we must continue to go forward. That is the true nature of mankind. Progress. Forward not backward.



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The right wants us to believe Antifa was a flop on Nov 4th. Yeah okay. They obviously wanted riots. Delusional. Gazillions protested against fascism, Trump and Pence, peacefully.