Several words a day

in writing •  3 months ago 

In the past, I used to write several lengthy posts explaining my thoughts on certain topic. Today, in order to keep my consistency afloat, I am going to write a minimum 200 words a day. I have been on a different platform to write down my drafts, spurs of my ideas or simply my ramble. I also have been copying, pasting and redacting my own writing from that platform. However, I see that as an unfair situation.

I have always been a strong believer to original and properly cited content. Hence, I am just going to write a different topic here. I will write not more and not less than 200 words on topics that I think worth pondering. I will see how this pans out.

Writing is a serious business. One should never take it too lightly. just like how this cup is important in the cycle of producing content.


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