Let's talk about our lives.

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"We are children before we grow up." The children are covered by their parents, cuddled and pampered in their home.

Until we grow up, we are still big children. But life will always know how to bury us all the time: from work, study, to love ... Everything can be very good today, but it quickly gets worse on the day. roof.

But in addition to learning to accept, we will not be able to do anything else. Or turn on the umbrella in the rain and return home after a long day of weariness. Or the beams in the rain and wet people, then pick up a sickle fever the most cross birth. It is our choice.

Maybe, at a time when things are getting tougher, your smile does not make a positive difference. And tears can not make things worse. But choose to cry or laugh is by you. Choose to sit or stand up the next step is by you. And remember, success will not come when you do not make any choice! "

And that is what we hear every day, from the people around us.

But if you are tired, just let yourself go away for a moment!

Have you ever had that simple thing? Too tired, too stressed, too nervous, too depressed, or too desperate ... Same thing only. We still need a stepping stone to calm our minds, to relax our hearts, and to bring out the right things.

Sometimes it takes just a few minutes to hear a good song, a few hours to watch a light movie, or a few days to "escape" from the hustle and bustle of the city. We suddenly look out of the sky and wish we could fly like a bird, green like a leaf on a branch, and wandering like a breeze.

In the moments when we "leave" life, we just become invisible for a moment. This life is going on, people are still connected, even if not, there are still hundreds of reunion and separation ... That is, all the same, only the "battery" in your soul will. is "fully charged".

Just do not give up, there is nothing scary ...

.... We will not give up, do not allow ourselves to give up. It's just a step backward to go three steps further, faster. Compared to the gong for a few hours or a few days, then exhausted. The moment you press the "pause" button and come back stronger will definitely be a smart choice!

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