Incredible this is the new way in which some survive in Venezuela: Profangate graves in search of gold teeth (Photos and Video)

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Due to the crisis in the country, in recent months some unscrupulous people have dedicated themselves to desecrating tombs in search of goods as garments, in other cases to use human remains for santería and in others to steal the urns where they bury the deceased.

As a way of finding food, for some individuals the practice of desecration has become habitual, since there have been cases of people who have changed a human skull for a portion of rice an incredible and shocking fact to assimilate.

For several months people who visit their loved ones who left the earth plane and were buried in cemeteries in different parts of the country, have seen how some graveyards have become a niche of anarchy and chaos, especially after the desecration of tombs and pantheons that keep the population alarmed.

Today it is surprising to go to a cemetery and observe open and looted tombs, incomplete human remains, and empty and empty urns and in some cases only the pit is seen without a coffin.

According to the testimony of some people in the morgue of Valencia, they fear sending their dead relatives to the grave, because supposedly in the city of Valencia it is common to see how heartless people open tombs, remove human remains and take the urn to repair them and market them again, leaving the remains of the corpse in a cardboard box.

Other people interviewed in the Municipal Cemetery of Valencia, assured that the tombs are desecrated for the use of works that come from the sciences and spiritualistic arts. According to points out, these are people who are dedicated to witchcraft and hidden arts that use human remains for their work.

The vandalism in the cemeteries of Venezuela is not only directly in the tombs, but also in the areas of the graveyards, criminals rob the pantheons and loaded with sheets of zinc, bars, hinges, vases and supposedly even with flowers to market them.

Relatives of the deceased are afraid to go to the cemeteries, because the underworld is unleashed. The thugs not only seek to steal the accessories with which they bury the dead, but also the properties of the living who come to visit them.

It is incredible all that an economic crisis can cause in a country the desperation of the citizens every day is more evident reaching such a way to attack the sacred as the grave of a deceased.

The largest YouTube channel in Mexico Badabun made a video about the desecration of graves in Venezuela, maybe with this you can know a little more in the world what really happens in Venezuela and what some people do to feed their families.

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