You'll Never know.

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Whenever Nigerians are asked to imagine themselves in a hellacious situation, in a bid to test their knowledge of themselves, and resulting actions, you would hear a rather funny, and quite annoying "God forbid! I won't be in that situation", instead of a well-thought-out answer. Questions like that stay with me long after the conversation, with me twisting, and turning thoughts in my mind, imagining myself as vividly as I can in that situation, trying to figure out what I'd do, but not arriving at a convincing answer. In the end, I resign from that job of internal speculation, knowing that I'll never know what I'd actually do, until I'm actually in that bad situation.

One of my favorite quotes in the world, describes the volatility of humans and life at large. It says

"You think you know me, but I'm changing every time."

This statement is supposedly directed at someone else, but when ruminated on, it comes home to you too.

In the course of our ever active lives, we change without knowing that we have, or are changing. It usually takes an external body, or an event, to bring one up to speed.
I've heard people say that they know someone like the back of their hand, probably their spouse, sister, or friends, and I laugh at not just them, but whoever came up with that phrase in the first place. People don't even know themselves like the back of their hands, let alone someone else.

On the decided journey of self-betterment, our minds undergo rigorous trainings to achieve self-mastery, but the human mind is so powerful a weapon that it takes a laborious, and constant effort to gain control of it. It's common for people to think that they have mastered control over their minds, and consequently, their actions, until they're in an unexpected, arduous situation, and they lose it.

In my study of human relationships, I've witnessed situations, that made a lot of people question their knowledge of someone or something, but that's what life is about, constant change, and if you would do well to remember that small fact, then you'd never have to be that shocked, disappointed person who says "I thought I knew you", because you probably never will really know anyone, and that's OK.

Advisedly, the only person who you should strive to have complete knowledge of, is yourself.

Man, know thyself - Socrates.

                                                           Bright (Lucent) Otto.

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