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In the process of developing a global footprint for my business, I seek help to achieve good-quality translations of some of my work. The search for help has begun at Streemit; because when I joined Steemit just a few weeks ago I discovered its multinational and multilingual richness.

I am hoping that some persons who read this message and who are good writers in any of the following languages, will consider helping me for pay. The languages are: Japanese, Hindi, Korean, German, Russian, or Bengali. The content of my work will be mostly about cryptocurrencies.

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Here's the procedure that I propose.

You will receive the English text and a draft translated version in your language. Your task will be to correct errors in the translation. However, before you begin, please tell me how much you wish to be paid for your help.

Within minutes after I receive the results of your work, the payment will be sent to you. It would be convenient to pay in either of SBDs (Steem Dollars), BTC, ETH, or LTC. I invite you to specify the needed payment in terms of your national fiat currency, and I will make the conversion into the cryptocurrency that you choose.

If you are interested, please click here and send me a message, and I thank you in advance. You will arrive at the contact page of my investment website: .


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I can translate texts from English to Spanish if you ever need someone to do that :)


Please excuse my tardy response @marciacaffrey. I'm just coming back from being out of town since very early this morning. I do have another person who has promised to help with Spanish; but where the workload seems sufficiently large, I will call upon you for assistance. Thanks in advance for your help.


Worry not, my friend! I'll be glad to help anytime. I hope everything goes well. Thank you!


Thanks a lot, and I look forward to your support, @mariacaffrey.